Review of Google Nest Smoke Detector Integration with HomeKit

Cupertino, August 11, 2023

I've mentioned multiple times that I believe Apple should follow Google's strategy of creating their own hardware. While Google doesn't manufacture everything for their smart home ecosystem, they do produce some important products like doorbells, thermostats, and cameras. If you're new to the smart home platform, Google provides convenient options to get started. Although I prefer using HomeKit, I use the Starling Home Hub to make Google products compatible with HomeKit. Recently, I acquired the Google Nest smoke alarm to test its functionality. Let's explore it further.

HomeKit Weekly is a series that focuses on smart home accessories, home automation tips and tricks, and all things related to Apple's smart home framework. I opted for the battery-powered variant of the Nest smoke alarm because I didn't want to replace any of my wired smoke alarms, as my house is still under the builder's warranty. I simply wanted to add something on my main level that detects smoke and carbon monoxide.

Setup Process
Regardless of what you think about Google, they have made the setup process seamless for all their smart home products. There's a QR code included in the box, which you scan using the Nest app. The smoke detector is one of the devices that hasn't been transitioned to the Google Home setup process yet. I had it up and running in less than ten minutes after unboxing it. Once you have it in the Google Home app, you can switch to the Starling Home Hub app to ensure it appears there as well. Since my hub was already active and connected to my Google account, it was automatically added to Starling and, consequently, in the Home app too. Whenever people ask how Starling remains so up-to-date with Google's evolving ecosystem, I simply reply that it has worked flawlessly for me for almost three years and, in some ways, better than native HomeKit products. Additionally, there are no monthly fees for Starling Home Hub. Once connected to your network, it operates discreetly in the background. It has truly been the best of both worlds for me, as I appreciate some of the Nest products, but HomeKit support is my top priority.

Daily Use and Importance
Unlike other smart home products, you don't interact with a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector daily. Once it's set up, you hope you never have to deal with it again. In the event of a fire while you're away from home or a carbon monoxide leak while you're at home, this device can be a lifesaver. Within HomeKit, you can create an automation to play a specific song on your HomePods if a carbon monoxide leak is detected, and you'll receive an emergency alert on your iPhone as well. Overall, the Google Nest smoke alarm is aesthetically pleasing, without any monthly fees for alerts and notifications, and once you add a Starling Home Hub, it seamlessly integrates with the Home app. With its combined smoke and carbon monoxide detection features, it has the potential to save lives. You can purchase the Google Nest smoke detector from Amazon or Best Buy. FTC: We use auto affiliate links that generate revenue. More.

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