Review of Onvis Smart Motion Sensor with Wire

Cupertino, February 3, 2024

Onvis Product Review

Onvis Products

Onvis has been a supplier of HomeKit-enabled devices for quite some time, and while they may not be as prolific in their production as some companies, they have still brought some good and forward-looking products to market in 2023. We're now in 2024, and today's product isn't exactly going to set the world on fire, but it's nonetheless a device worthy of our attention at HomeKit News. Why?, because it uses Thread. It doesn't support Matter over Thread, so it's exclusively an Apple Home device, but assuming you're here because you like Apple Home, then that really shouldn't matter. What we have here is an update to their Bluetooth motion sensor, but with a few additions in addition to the obviously welcome Thread update. So, if you're looking for an improved motion sensor, with a cool trick up its sleeve, read on.


Front of the box

As you can see from the packaging, this is a Thread device, which is a welcome change from Bluetooth, although the latter is used for initial pairing and as a backup should your Thread network go down . It's also only HomeKit compatible, so Google and Amazon users are looking away now. Side of the box with features Back of the box with specs In addition to Thread and the standard motion detection, the SMS2 includes both temperature and humidity sensors, as before, but also includes a rudimentary light sensor that can determine between light and dark. This isn't exposed to HomeKit and can't give you light readings - even in the Onvis app - but it can still be used in some circumstances, as I'll explain later.

SMS2 Content

What sets this product apart in some ways is the ability to schedule detection. The SMS2 can be used in scenes to disable motion detection capabilities, based on the status of other devices or as part of a larger automation, which can be a lot easier than setting 'conditions' for you in HomeKit apps from third parties other motion sensors. As with the SMS1, the new model still uses two AAA batteries (which thankfully are included), which should give you an average of a year of use depending on how busy the sensor is. The SMS2 is designed for indoor use, and an outdoor version is currently being developed. The dimensions of the SMS2 remain the same, at 64 x 50 x 37mm (2.52 x 1.97 x 1.46″), so not as small as some motion sensors, but certainly on par with the Eve. Contents of the box The box contains the SMS2, a manual with a copy of the HomeKit QR code, a SIM PIN code to reset the device and a spare sticker.

Front of the SMS2

The SMS2 has the main motion sensor window on the front, with most of the back taken up by the easily accessible battery compartment. SMS1 SMS2 Users of the original model will notice that the company has taken their advice and significantly reduced the size of the Onvis logo on the front. Fair game! You can see the approximate difference between the two above.

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