Review of Sportneer percussion massage guns: more power for you

Cupertino, July 17, 2020

Sportneer percussion massage

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Personal massage masks at home, the beautiful ones with items that are not pretty enough to actually buy, have surprisingly taken a long way over the years. Gone are the days when masseurs were nothing but unique elements that vibrated for their massage action. Instead, the latest advances come in the form of percussion technology. Percussion massagers, as the name suggests, use a series of quick blows to the body at different intensities to release tension, increase blood flow and relieve stress.

I spent last month with such a massage, the Sportneer percussion massage weapon and I came up with a new appreciation for this category. Now, I'm certainly not an athletic person and I don't suffer from recurring pain, so I'm certainly not the target market here, but I can still say that this powerful massage gun is one you can actually feel. In fact, this massage is more than powerful - it is incredibly powerful, which may or may not be a good thing.

Percussion power

Review of Sportneer percussion massage guns more power for you

Sportneer percussion massage gun

Bottom line: The Sportneer percussion massage gun offers an intense home massage experience with five powerful settings and lots of attachments. However, it may be a little too strong for some because it lacks finer adjustments.


  • Wireless design
  • Lots of power
  • Attachment design without tools
  • Includes six attachments
  • Includes storage box

The river

  • Expensive
  • Not exactly mini or light
  • Attachments can be detached
  • It can be too strong at higher levels

All inclusive

Sportneer percussion massage gun: features

Recovery of Sportneer Unboxing percussion massage guns

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The Sportneer percussion massage gun is a hand massage that, you guessed it, is similar to a gun or a hair dryer. The massage gun has a two-tone finish, with a handle like a space-gray, and a black perforated "barrel", darker, both made of plastic.

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Along the handle is a single button, which is used to start the massage and as a way to switch between intensity levels. Below the button is a series of five intensity indicator lights to represent all available levels, as well as a battery level indicator. At the bottom of the massage is a single 16V charging port, which uses a traditional power connector, and not a modern port like micro-USB.

Sportneer percussion massage recruitment attack

Source: Christopher Close / iMore

The massage is powered by an internal rechargeable 3,400 mAh lithium battery. Sportneer claims that the battery can last up to six hours on a single charge, but this will vary depending on the level of intensity, and a full charge takes between three and five hours. The five intensities of the massager range from 1,200 RPM to 3,200 RPM and has an automatic shut-off function that engages after ten minutes to prevent overheating.

The Sportneer massage comes with a travel box in the box and includes a total of six different attachments. Installing an attachment does not require tools, as you simply push them into the barrel portion. A small rubber gasket helps keep the attachment in place, as there are no pins or bolts attached, and the Sportneer includes a bag of extra items in case it needs to be replaced.

The six available attachments are designed for specific purposes, such as a fork for the neck or spine and a bullet head for the joints. In addition to their shape, attachments also vary in their materials, such as plastic, foam and metal. The two metal attachments are designed to be used with essential oils to complete the home massage experience if you are in front of that.

Ready to leave

Sportneer percussion massage gun: What I like

Sportneer percussion massager review attacks

Source: Christopher Close / iMore

Setting up the Sportneer massage gun was quick and easy, thanks to the tool-free attachment design and built-in charged battery. Even without fully charging the battery before first use, I was still able to walk it for more than an hour and had plenty of life to spare, so I'm confident it meets Sportneer's six-hour requirements.

Turning to attachments, I like how Sportneer has included a wide variety of different shapes and materials. Before trying the massager for the first time I suspected that a softer, circular attachment would be the best of the bunch, and sure enough, after I gave them all a whirl, it was really the best for me. . In fact, I liked this material so much that I would like all the other attachments to be made the same, because a flat version seems to be a match made in heaven.

When it comes to the power of Sportneer massage, it has exceeded my wildest expectations.

When it comes to the power of Sportneer massage, it has exceeded my wildest expectations. Since it was my first date with a percussion massage, I had no clue how strong they are compared to the old plastic models of the school, which didn't seem to do much. Now, here power is both a good thing and a bad thing, the lower intensity levels giving enough for me to really feel at work, but as we will discuss later, things can become uncomfortable at higher levels.

Review for Sportneer percussion massage

Source: Christopher Close / iMore

In my use, I discovered that the first intensity had only the right amount of oomph, and even at the lowest setting of 1,200 RPM, this massage surpassed almost all the others I had experienced in the past. At this level, I really liked how well it worked in most areas, such as my shoulders, and after just a few minutes, I could say that it really weakened certain places, which was quite refreshing. Along with the long battery life, I like that this type of experience is just a push of a button, without having to worry too much about whether it is actually charged or not.

A little too strong

Sportneer percussion massage gun: What I do not like

Sportneer Percussion Massager Review Barrel

Source: Christopher Close / iMore

Despite the "mini" moniker on the box and easily thrown into marketing for the Sportneer Massage Gun, I wouldn't describe it as one of those things. This does not mean that the massage gun is too bulky or heavy, it is simply not exactly something I would personally travel with.

The included carrying case makes the portability a bit better, but I still see it as more of a stay at home accessory. In use, I found that the weight of the massage makes long blows a little uncomfortable on the wrist, but it was not unbearable.

During operation, as much as I like how easy it is to change and remove attachments, I have seen a few occasions when they will fall. As mentioned before, connecting an attachment to the massager requires some force and there is no feedback as a click to let you know that it is far enough away. So if you don't have a single push to the end, they can work on their own, especially during higher intensity levels.

Sportneer Percussion Massager Review case

Source: Christopher Close / iMore

Speaking of intensity, the biggest complaint I have about the Sportneer massager is that it can be a little too strong at settings above the first two levels. Again, this can be reduced to personal preferences and the lack of problem areas, but once I started raising the intensity levels above the second setting, I found that the combination of power and certain attachments are sometimes painful.

At these higher levels, I certainly couldn't tolerate more than a few seconds in certain places, and as you might guess, I found metal attachments to be the worst criminals here. So needless to say, I would have appreciated some softer tools, including some form of manual control for finer adjustments or extra intensities that lie between levels.

More power for you

Sportneer percussion massage gun: Bottom line

of 5

Massage therapists are a truly personal experience, which makes recommending the Sportneer massage weapon a little more difficult than your regular phone or smart home accessories. If you want or need an intense massage at home, then the Sportneer massage gun is definitely suitable. With five really powerful settings, six distinct attachments and a wireless design, there's a lot to love here.

However, if you are just looking for a casual, softer massage a few times a year, then you would be better suited to more "traditional" options at more affordable price points. However, if you have not experienced a percussion massage, then you should definitely look for one. It will change your perception of the category, as it certainly did for me.

Percussion power

Review of Sportneer percussion massage guns more power for you

Sportneer percussion massage gun

Bottom line: The Sportneer percussion massage gun offers an intense home massage experience with five powerful settings and lots of attachments. However, it may be a little too strong for some because it lacks finer adjustments.

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