Review of the HOLOMARQ smart door knob

Cupertino, October 6, 2023

2023 has been an exciting year for HomeKit door locks, with announcements and releases including Home Key, Level Lock+, and the Aqara doorbell. However, these door locks mainly focus on exterior doors. The HOLOMARQ smart doorknob is a new option for interior doors that offers unique use cases. HomeKit Weekly is a series that covers smart home accessories, automation tips, and everything related to Apple's smart home framework.

When I first discovered the HOLOMARQ smart doorknob, I was pleasantly surprised. It's a product I hadn't previously considered. Smart door locks are typically associated with exterior deadbolts. However, there are plenty of use cases for an interior door lock that can be controlled, such as a home office, wine storage, master bedroom, private room for a rental house, or pool house. This product could be particularly valuable for a home office where confidential documents are stored on a computer or in a filing cabinet.

The installation process for the HOLOMARQ smart door knob is relatively simple. As someone experienced in changing door hardware, I found it easy to install. Once the necessary holes are drilled, it's just a matter of replacing screws. This smart door knob can be easily installed on interior doors with standard backsets ranging from 2 ⅜ inches to 2 ¾ inches. If your door is compatible, you'll only need a Phillips screwdriver to install it. Simply unscrew your existing doorknob and then mount the HOLOMARQ Smart Doorknob. It's advisable to complete the installation before proceeding with the HomeKit setup.

While the HOLOMARQ smart door knob doesn't support HomeKey, it does offer something unique that other smart locks don't have: Thread support. The Thread protocol enhances the smart home ecosystem, making it more seamless and reliable. The lock features a HomeKit code on top, which can be scanned once it's powered with four AA batteries. The HomeKit use cases for this lock are clear—you can lock and unlock it using Siri and the Home app. If you're using the lock in a rental property, make sure you have a Home Hub, such as a HomePod mini or an Apple TV, to control it remotely and check the lock's status.

At under $100, the HOLOMARQ smart door knob offers great value. It's the perfect addition to an interior door if you want to monitor the locking status remotely and use fingerprint and PIN unlocking. The lock comes with keys in case of emergencies. To fully utilize the lock's features, it's recommended to download the Sleekpoint app. The only missing feature is Home Key support, but since it's for an interior lock, this isn't as crucial as it would be for an exterior door. The HOLOMARQ smart door knob is available for purchase on Amazon and directly from Holomarq. Please note that we use monetized auto-affiliate links.

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