Wemo Smart Plug with Thread review: Only HomeKit users can apply

Cupertino, July 9, 2024

Key Takeaways The Wemo Smart Plug with Thread integrates smoothly with Apple HomeKit. The size, price, and quality make it a great choice. Easy to install and use, with a stackable design and simple iPhone integration. The Wemo Smart Plug is only compatible with Apple and won’t work with other home ecosystems. Apple fans like to stay loyal to their brand. You’re likely to see them plugging into an iPhone, using an iPad, and typing away on a MacBook. At home, they’ll likely have an Apple TV and be listening to music on an Apple HomePod. However, the company hasn’t released its own smart plug yet, and only advertises the Matter Smart Plug from Eve Energy on its site. If you’re someone who wants to stay loyal to the Apple ecosystem but doesn’t want to spend $70 on a two-pack of smart plugs, the Wemo Smart Plug is a great option. Related An Eve smart home app is finally coming to Android This change is made possible by Matter and the upcoming Google Home APIs. The Wemo Smart Plug with Thread is designed to integrate with the Apple HomeKit ecosystem. The best thing about this smart plug is that all you need is an iPhone to use it. I've been testing it out for a while now and there's plenty to like. Plus, it won't cost you a lot of money. Great choice for Apple HomeKit Wemo Smart Plug with Thread The Wemo Smart Plug with Thread is designed to integrate with Apple HomeKit. Its compact design means you can easily stack two of them on top of each other. It can be automated through your Apple Home ecosystem and used to set timers and schedules. Plus, it features Thread protocol technology. Pros Connects via Thread Compact design Easily integrates with Apple Cons Only integrates with Apple Doesn't work with the Wemo app Price, Availability, Specs Available immediately Wemo is owned by Belkin, a reputable company known for its chargers and other home consumer electronics. You can find the Wemo Smart Plug with Thread at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or through Belkin. The price varies depending on where you purchase it. Most retailers charge $30 for a single plug, while Walmart typically discounts it to $18. Your devices are safe with the Wemo plug, as it can handle up to 15 amps and 1,800 volts. There is an indicator built into the plug that will warn you if it is overheating. The light on the side will flash orange, indicating that you should unplug the plug. Wemo Threaded Smart Plug Brand Wemo Connectivity Wired & Bluetooth Integrations Yes Schematics Yes Amperage 15A Electrical Rating 1800W Dimensions 1.18 x 2.11 x 1.41" Weight 3.52 ounces Hub Required No Expand Related How Matter 1.3 Might Be the Key to Solving Your Smart Home Connectivity Woes Its goal is to connect all of your devices together, making your life easier. What I Liked About the Wemo Threaded Smart Plug Its Easy to Install and Use First things first, you have to start with the design. This is one of the more compact smart plugs I've come across in my years as a consumer tech expert. It measures in at just 1.18 x 2.11 x 1.41 inches. As you can see from the image above, it's much smaller than the Amazon Smart Plug. This allows you to plug it into an outlet and not have to worry about plugging something else into the outlet above or below it. You caneven stack two of themWemo Smart Plugs easily plug into an outlet. This is one of the more compact smart plugs I’ve come across in my years as a consumer tech expert… you can even easily plug two Wemo Smart Plugs into an outlet. It also weighs just under 3.5 ounces, so you can easily unplug it, throw it in your pocket or bag, and place it wherever you need it around your home. When you first plug it into an outlet, you’ll need to follow the quick setup instructions. You’ll plug the smart plug into an outlet and press the power button on the right side until it flashes orange and white. Once that happens, you can grab your iPhone and hold it up to the plug. Your iPhone should immediately indicate that a Wemo Smart Plug is trying to connect. You’ll be guided through one or two prompts before adding it to your Apple HomeKit. If it doesn’t auto-populate, you can go into the Apple Home app, click the + button in the corner, and type in the code for the Wemo Smart Plug to sync it. The Wemo Smart Plug only works with Apple HomeKit-compatible accessories. That’s all it takes to get it into your system. You can also connect it to your Apple HomePod or Apple TV via Thread if you have one of those devices. I quickly added it to my iPhone and was able to control it by opening the Apple Home app and toggling it on and off. I also added a widget to my Control Center, which takes me straight to the app. Once the smart plug is integrated, I can just pull down my Control Center menu and there’s a button for the plug itself, meaning I don’t even have to unlock my phone to turn it on or off. When I got downstairs, the kettle had turned on and was boiling water. What I loved about it was that I could use Siri to turn it on and off. I plugged my electric kettle into the Wemo Smart Plug in my kitchen. I woke up my iPhone and said, “Hey Siri, turn on Wemo Smart Plug.” I immediately got a push notification that the Smart Plug was turned on. When I got downstairs, the kettle had turned on and was boiling (I had put water in the kettle the night before and pressed the plunger down). Since I don’t have an Apple TV or HomePod, I wasn’t able to set up any automations for the Wemo Smart Plug. But from what I’ve read, it’s easy to do and should work without a hitch. Related Best Smart Plugs: Set a Schedule for Your Smart Home These smart plugs offer remote control from your phone, easy scheduling, and are compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. What I Didn’t Like About the Wemo Smart Plug with Thread You’re Stuck in Apple Land The Wemo Smart Plug only works with Apple HomeKit-compatible accessories. You can only set it up with Apple products, despite the fact that it’s a Thread device. If you have a Thread border router, like a Google Nest or Amazon Echo Show 8, you still can’t use this smart plug. It only integrates with Apple-based products. This smart plug also doesn’t work with the Wemo app for some reason. You can’t download the Wemo app and set up automations with it. If you have a Samsung, Google, Amazon, IFTTT, or some other home ecosystem, this isn’t the smart plug to buy. Related What is Thread? The Smart Home Protocol Explained The biggest smart home manufacturers are implementing Thread compatibility into their products. Verdict: Should You Buy the Wemo Smart Plug with Thread? If You’re an Apple User, the Answer is Yes If you’re an Apple fanatic, the answer is yes. You should be able to control the Wemo Smart Plug without any issues, as you presumably have the devices to get the most out of it. If all you have is an iPhone, you can use it and at least turn it on and off with your phone or with Siri. However, to get the most out of it, you’ll need to set up an Apple HomeKit smart home system. For anyone who already has that, the price isn’t outrageous, especially if you buy it from Walmart, and it can make your home smarter. But for anyone who’s not a die-hard Apple believer, look elsewhere. Great Choice for Apple Wemo Smart Plug with Thread 0:48 Related I love the Kasa Matter Smart Plug for its versatility and ease of use Thanks to Matter, the Kasa Smart Plug can connect to most smart home platforms.

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