Samsung showcases the future of smart living with its Smart Home Concept at Tilisi

Cupertino, August 8, 2023

Samsung Electronics East Africa has partnered with Tilisi Views to showcase high-end smart home concepts in Nairobi. The goal of this collaboration is to educate potential homeowners on how to integrate smart technology into their homes while maintaining an attractive aesthetic. The Smart home experience, which launched on August 5 and will run until August 19, is located at Tilisi Views, near the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway. The showcase features Samsung's consumer electronics lineup for 2023 and includes appearances from Mr. Sam Odhiambo, Head of Consumer Electronics Division of Samsung Electronics East Africa, Mr. Graeme Reid, CEO of Tilisi, and potential home buyers from across Kenya.

The 2023 Electronics Lineup on display includes the Neo-QLED TV in various sizes (ranging from 43 to 98 inches), a customizable top-mount refrigerator available in pink, cream, navy, and black, an AI-enabled washing machine, the Frame TV that displays art when turned off, and the Freestyle portable projector.

While Samsung is introducing features like hyper-connectivity and AI, other global players in the smart home market, such as Google, Xiaomi, Amazon Alexa, and Apple, have also made significant advancements. Google offers a range of smart thermostats, cameras, and doorbells with AI-powered algorithms for home security and energy-saving solutions. Xiaomi's smart home solutions are known for their affordability and include smart bulbs and vacuum cleaners integrated with the Mi Home app. Amazon Alexa has expanded its range with Echo smart speakers, smart displays, and even microwaves. Apple's HomeKit provides secure and private home automation, compatible with various third-party smart devices, offering ease of use and a streamlined approach.

Samsung's recent release focuses heavily on customization and power-saving features. The event highlighted the energy-saving benefits of SmartThings services, showcasing potential savings for compatible devices and their contribution to reducing users' carbon footprints. One standout feature is the Neo QLED TVs, equipped with Samsung's advanced Neural Quantum Processor, which promises lifelike, three-dimensional image quality through AI upscaling. The AI deep learning technology also enhances SDR content, providing a more immersive viewing experience. The range of custom refrigerators stands out with its modular design, seamlessly blending into modern interiors. The emphasis on durability, design, and adaptability demonstrates Samsung's commitment to longevity and consumer-oriented products.

Graeme Reid, CEO of Tilisi Views, highlighted the changing expectations of Kenyan luxury property buyers. Reid expressed excitement about partnering with Samsung to introduce world-class smart home standards in Kenya, noting the changing global exposure and standards. The collaboration between Samsung and Tilisi Views is a significant step towards integrating advanced technology into everyday life, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing the user experience.

With competitors like Google, Xiaomi, Amazon Alexa, and Apple already making strides in the smart home sector, it remains to be seen how Samsung's 2023 lineup will impact the market dynamics.

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