Save up to 30% on Aqara with Black Friday HomeKit deals

Cupertino, November 30, 2023


Aqara is taking advantage of the hottest sales day of the year by offering Black Friday shoppers big discounts on the tools you need to turn your home into a HomeKit smart home. Enjoy ultimate comfort with the Aqara ecosystem of devices. Enjoy discounts of up to 30% on Aqara's most popular smart accessories, all seamlessly compatible with Apple HomeKit and future-proofed with Matter functionalities. Do not wait; these deals are only available for a short time. The Aqara U100 Smart Lock redefines door security The all-new Aqara U100 Smart Lock changes the way you interact with your front door by eliminating the need for traditional keys, providing smart security and enabling futuristic automation. Moreover, it is easy to install and has IP65 weather resistance for stable operation. Unlock the U100 Smart Lock with HomeKit keys. The Aqara U100 allows residents and visitors to easily unlock their front door with Apple HomeKit and Home Key support, a built-in fingerprint reader, a digital keyboard, NFC tags or a physical backup key. Adjust lock preferences, enjoy robust cybersecurity, and control access from your iPhone for ease of use. This holiday season, get an Aqara U100 Smart Lock at 30% off, dropping the price to just $132.99. Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 acts as your digital guardianA digital pair of eyes always watching your home can increase your safety, enable personalized automation and provide fall detection alerts. The Aqara FP2 presence sensor is that pair of eyes with customizable zones, a detection range of up to five people and flexible positioning options. The FP2 sensor is your always-on digital eye. The Aqara FP2 has an incredible detection range of up to 40 square meters, allowing it to capture precise movements while maintaining your privacy. There are virtually no limits to what you can control with your presence, such as the lighting that follows you or automatic climate control systems to manage energy. In addition, Aqara's FP2 occupancy sensor does not depend on internet connections and can perform local automations. Add the FP2 to your HomeKit-enabled smart home setup for just $62.24 during Aqara's Black Friday sale. Aqara G4 Video Doorbell: See, Communicate, Secure The perfect complement to the Aqara U100 Smart Lock is the G4 Video Doorbell, which gives you an impressive 162-degree view outside your front door in 1080p quality, whether you're at home or not. You can even communicate with visitors via HomeKit's Secure Video. With the G4 Video Doorbell you will never miss a visitor again. Never miss a visitor again because the G4 Video Doorbell alerts you with notifications on your Apple devices, including Apple TV, and on the ultra-loud doorbell booster. The AI-based camera recognition also identifies visitors, launches unique automations and eliminates false alerts. The G4 can also change your voice on the intercom to further protect your privacy. Get 24% off the G4 Video Doorbell and pair it with your other favorite Aqara accessories for just $90.99 during the Black Friday sale. Aqara Hub M2 is the heart of your smart home A smart hub brings your IoT devices together and coordinates seamless function between up to 128 devices for ultimate comfort. The Hub M2 is the most advanced and future-proof smart home hub in Aqara's range, enabling unparalleled control over your entire smart home ecosystem. The M2 also acts as a Matter bridge, exposing dozens of Aqara Zigbee devices to Matter, making it even more future-proof. Use the Hub M2 to bring all your Aqara devices together. The Aqara Hub M2 has an RJ-45 port for wired stability, Zigbee 3.0 support and a built-in speaker for voice control, alarms or automations. Aqara's Hub M2 uses 360-degree IR control, Low-Energy Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to support devices such as TVs, AC units, lamps and fans to maximize comfort. Plus, when you pair the M2 with other Aqara sensors and cameras, you unlock a home security platform without the need for a monthly subscription. Add this crucial item to your Black Friday purchases and save 30%. Aqara Wireless Mini Switch provides smart control everywhere. Press that button and control a range of smart devices with the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch. Place or mount the Mini Switch strategically and activate up to three smart home or HomeKit automations. Control up to three devices with the mini switch. The Aqara Wireless Mini Switch works with HomeKit-enabled devices to further connect your ecosystem. You can also use the Mini Switch as a smart doorbell or as an emergency button that sends push notifications and sounds the alarm. The Wireless Mini Switch is the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season, and is even more affordable with the help of Aqara's Black Friday deals. Get the Mini Switch for just $12.59, but act fast; The stock of these mini switches won't last long. Discover more offerings from Aqara's smart ecosystem A robust smart home requires a vast ecosystem of devices that work together to provide comfort and security. Check out these other incredible smart devices from Aqara with huge discounts to help you build the ultimate HomeKit-enabled smart home: Monitor your surroundings with the temperature and humidity sensor. These discounts are of course just a small example of all the offers Aqara offers offers for Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​Monday. Discover great products like the LED Strip T1 for just $39.99. Aqara's wide range of HomeKit-enabled smart home devices means there's something for everyone on your gift list this season. Don't miss out on the significant savings on popular products as these deals don't last long, and neither does stock.


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