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Sengled HomeKit Compatible Zigbee Hub is now available

Sengled HomeKit Compatible Zigbee Hub Released

As he first mentioned, Sengled’s new HomeKit-activated Zigbee hub is now available for purchase on as well as the company’s own online store. As with Philips Hue and Aqara, if you don’t know Sengled or the new version, the hub and its child apps use Zigbee for their communication method, all devices going through the node, which then connects to your network. Over an ethernet connection (the packet contains a cable). Of course the new hub is now linked to HomeKit, ensuring that all of the Sengled apps can now be exposed to HomeKit.

The new hub can support up to 64 smart lights and accessories, including things like light bulbs, for both standard white and full color varieties, a smart connector, door sensor and a light strip. It should be noted that their current non-HomeKit hub is still for sale, so if you intend to get into the Sengled side of things for your smart home, make sure you get the right model.

Currently, the hub is priced at only $ 29.99, so it is about half the price of the Aqara hub, although it is fair to say that, while Aqara does not have lighting products for the US currently, it accepts more many types of devices. You can consult a wide range of products offered by Sengled Amazon StoreSengled HomeKit Compatible Zigbee Hub is now available.