Setting or Changing the Location of Your HomeKit Home

Cupertino, September 27, 2023

You may not realize it, but adding your home address to Apple's HomeKit is essential for maximizing its capabilities. Without knowing where to input it or how to fine-tune it, you're missing out on automating your smart home. In this guide, we will demonstrate how simple it is to add your home's address to HomeKit.

Why Your Home's Location Matters:

By adding your home's address, you unlock smart geofencing capabilities for your HomeKit devices. When paired with your iPhone's location data, smart home geofencing enables HomeKit to perform actions based on your current location. For instance, it can automatically trigger an automation to turn on the lights the moment you arrive home. Alternatively, it can turn off your air conditioning when you leave, helping you save on electricity costs.

Furthermore, smart home geofencing can also consider the location of friends and family when you grant them control over your Apple HomeKit accessories. This feature permits you to create automations that work only when the last person leaves or when someone arrives.

Your home address is not limited to location-based automation; it also works with Apple's Grid Forecast feature, introduced in iOS 17. With Grid Forecast, you gain insight into your local energy network by tracking when renewable energy sources are in use. This information can assist you in managing your energy consumption effectively.

Setting or Changing the Location of Your HomeKit Home:

To set up your home's location for HomeKit, you will use the Maps app on your iPhone. Apple pulls your home address from Maps and applies it to all its apps and services to ensure consistency and ease of use. The process is familiar to those who regularly use Apple Maps on their iPhones.

1. Launch the Maps app.
2. Tap the Add (+) button under Favorites.
3. Enter your home address and tap Add (+).
4. Tap My Home.
5. If prompted to add something to your contact card, tap Update, then tap Done.

In addition to adding your home address, you can also assign other locations like work or school. Doing so maximizes HomeKit's automation potential. For example, if you have a smart thermostat, you can pre-cool your home after a long day at work.

Refining the Location of Your HomeKit Home:

After adding your home's address, it is advisable to refine its location in the Maps app to ensure optimal automation results. This process is quick and easy, requiring you to drag a pin to the exact location of your home on the map.

1. Launch the Maps app.
2. Tap More under Favorites.
3. Tap the Info button (i) next to your home address.
4. Tap Refine Location on the map.
5. Drag the map to the desired location.
6. Tap Done to save your changes.

By refining your home's location, you decrease the chances of automation events triggering when you are nearby but not at home. This refinement is especially useful if you have a HomeKit garage door opener and use Apple CarPlay, as it provides a convenient shortcut to open the garage when you arrive home.

With your home address set up in the Maps app, you are now ready to explore location-based HomeKit automation. Enhance your smart home experience by automatically arming your security system when you leave or turning on the lights as soon as you arrive. Your smart home is about to get even smarter!

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