SI's wired and wireless blinds, movie screens, and accessories receive enhanced connectivity and control through Bond and screen innovations

Cupertino, August 31, 2023

This new compatibility brings app-based control and integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomePod and HomeKit to Screen Innovations installations. It also represents Bond's first integration with wired blinds and Zigbee motor control via the Bond Home app. CEDIA Expo 2023 Info Session: On Friday, September 8, dealers can join Bond and SI to attend The Future of Shade Control in Room 710 (from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM). These include improving customer experience, improving profitability, simplifying shadow design and system implementations, managing projects from the single and powerful Bond Home app – the result of the joint development – and more.

Cresskill, NJ – August 31, 2023 – Bond (CEDIA Expo 2023 booth #1838) and Screen Innovations (booth #1832) are pleased to announce that Screen Innovations motorized blinds, movie screens, and associated accessories are now compatible with the Bond Bridge Pro RF to WiFi device hub and Sidekick for Shades Gen2 wireless RF keyboard. As a result of a joint effort, this opens the door to significant new control and integration capabilities for home technology professionals.

The Bond Bridge Pro RF-to-WiFi Device Hub ($379 MSRP) provides app-based control of 50 devices in a 3,300 sq ft home. Multiple Bond Bridge Pros can be used for larger jobs. The Bridge integrates with Crestron, Savant, Control4, Elan, RTI, URC, Apple HomePod and HomeKit, and Homebridge home automation and Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings Apps, and voice control. Bond parent company Olibra and SI Labs collaborated to develop the integration between the Bond Bridge Pro and TRO.Y – Screen Innovations' IP Control and commissioning gateway for unified control of the 485, Zigbee, and RTS awnings and screens of the brand. By integrating the two on a construction site, SI's wired and wireless motorized blinds, movie screens, and accessories can be controlled via the Bond Home app (iOS and Android phones). The Bond app brings the SI installations the latest in intuitive and convenient smartphone control, scheduling and programming, and voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomePod, and HomeKit. Configuring the app is easy: the installer simply selects Screen Innovations during installation and follows the prompts. The app provides direct access to Bond's 24/7 customer service. All this ensures a seamless installation and user experience.

Bond's latest universal wireless (RF) in-wall keyboard, Sidekick for Shades Gen2 ($99 MSRP), is also compatible with the SI products. In combination with the Bond Bridge Pro and an automation system, the possibilities of the keyboard increase. This includes a longer range plus the display of the blind's operational status (open, close, etc.). The keyboard comes with interchangeable 5 and 1 channel button blocks; a decora front plate (fixed to the wall or switch box), and a replaceable button cell battery with a lifespan of 10 years.

Bond's latest keyboard: Sidekick for Shades Gen2. Screen Innovations will be demonstrating the Bond Bridge Pro and Sidekick for Shades Gen2 at CEDIA Expo 2023 (booth #1832). This new joint integration will also be a hot topic at the Bond booth (#1838), where dealers will be able to discuss all the new features first-hand with Bond CEO Zohar Shinar and his team. "Now every product SI produces can be controlled in a single Bond Home app," said Michael Braithwaite, CTO of SI. "This includes curtains, blinds, smart plugs, and sockets, indoor and outdoor projection screens. Essentially all engine topologies, including Sub GHz, SDN (485), Zigbee, and PoE," adding, "This is especially useful for the company's popular Lithium wire-free Solo 3 displays."

"In addition to the many benefits our new joint integration brings to SI dealers, it also represents a first for Bond: the ability to now control Zigbee motors from leading companies such as Somfy and Current Luxury with Alexa voice control in Bond Home App. If you are a dealer buying from us but not currently using SI, you should consider this combined Bond/SI solution based on the engines you use (e.g. Zigbee)," said Zohar Shinar, CEO of Olibra/Bond. September 8, 2023, CEDIA Expo Info Session: The Future of Shadow Control with Bond and SI profitability and simplifying shadow design and system implementations. It focuses on the hows and whys of managing projects from the single, powerful Bond Home app, the result of joint Bond and SI development.

Where can you buy Bond Dealers? All Bond solutions can be purchased directly from, and as of the timing of this announcement, Screen Innovations dealers can now purchase the Bond Bridge Pro and Sidekick for Shades Gen2 direct from SI.

About Bond: Bond is from Olibra, a privately owned NJ technology company founded in 2016 with a focus on making motorized window treatments, ceiling fans, and gas fireplaces easier and more enjoyable to use. The Bond Bridge Pro offers app-based control as well as integration with Crestron, Savant, Control4, Elan, RTI, URC, Homebridge automation and Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings Apps, and voice activation. It is compatible with motors from Somfy, Rollease Acmeda, Coulisse / Motion Blinds, Dooya, Gaposa, NICE, Amp Motorization, J-Star, BTX, A-OK, and Bofu. (Full list of compatible motors can be found here: Ceiling fan compatibility includes MinkaAire, Craftmade, Visual Comfort & Co, Quorum, Progress Lighting, Westinghouse, Hampton Bay, Air Cool, Wind River, DEKOR, Star Fans, Hinkley, Star, River of Goods, Litex, Beacon Lighting, ThreeSixty, and more.

The Sidekick for Shades Gen2 wireless (RF), built-in, battery-powered keyboard works with Somfy/Somfy RTS, Rollease Acmeda, Coulisse/Motion Blinds, MagnaTrack, Dooya bi- and unidirectional, A-OK, Nice (green), Gaposa, PowerShades, and AMP Motorization engines.

About Screen Innovations: Innovative tints and projection screens that make life beautiful, convenient, and fun. Screen Innovations is dedicated to developing the most innovative and progressive projection screens, window coverings, and outdoor blinds and screen solutions for home and business environments. Screen Innovations designs and hand-builds every product it sells in its 71,000-square-foot factory in Austin, Texas. SI always puts the customer first, listens, learns, and delivers a wide range of design-oriented products, services, and online tools. Keen to do its part to limit the company's impact on the environment, SI follows LEAN production principles and closely monitors production processes to minimize waste where possible. To learn more about SI, visit and follow the company on the social media platforms Facebook @screeninnovations, Twitter @SIScreens, Instagram @siscreens, and LinkedIn screen-innovations.

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