Smarte Innenkamera (2. Generation, 2023) now in stock

Cupertino, October 13, 2023

Right still, Eve Systems has brought the new second generation smart interior room and the start. Während other repairer with functions and teilweise auch Gedöns prostzen, it is with Eve leiser zu. Grundsätzlich can perform the recording of the video recordings on the Eve Cam, so that the USB-C connection is now connected and the room is set. It gives Eve improved night vision and image analysis that is based on insight. If it is 1080p, HomeKit will no longer work. That Eve Cam is made of plastic and does not last long if it costs 150 Euro. If this is not the case, man can no longer be absent. You have performed your service.

Eve likes everything with a flat plate for wall mounting, the room itself and the 5-watt network with opaque Steckern. The room doesn't have a USB-C connection, the other end of the 1.5 meter long cables is USB-A, which is just as good. The Eve Cam Generation 2 is equipped with HomeKit, an integrated hub (HomePod or Apple TV) that is available. Es also has everything in your Apple Account. There are no other things to take into account. HomeKit Secure Video, also the Speichern von Ereignissen in the Cloud, is supported. Consider an iCloud+ subscription. If you're a fan of HomeKit, the app on your Fall besser like Alexa or Google Home, by the room that actually works. The device is no longer suitable for HomeKit. People can indulge and/or stream – or no longer. It is true that the room reacts at first glance, if it goes wrong, so perhaps it was automated during the night, no longer on the Tag. Not so with HomeKit. After all: Man can generally have the general knowledge, that Nutzer, who can die in the Photo Mediathek, no Benachdirection auslösen - aber eigentlich might be ich es nicht, dass die Kamer jede meiner Bewegungen aufzeichnet - nicht nur bei mir, sondern auch bei others Bewohnern or der Besuchern.

There are no issues with the Eve Cam issue, via Apple HomeKit. It's easy to set up the camera: the Eve app or the HomeKit are handy and can come loose. HomeKit's Nutzer knows the natural features and characteristics of the device. Schön is with HomeKit, which is a great option for all rooms, but it's a good idea to take the next steps. Here are a few App Screenshots, showing one of the options, which are certainly self-sufficient: The image of the room is in the dark when done properly (manual zoom on the image is jagged). When the nighttime images expand a bit, it's a bit exciting – and Eve's power is never dangerous. Everything is available with the Circle 2 from Logitech from 2019 (!) (which is more targeted, such as HomeKit Secure Video). Wer may exclude the status light. The arrangement is carried out if it is good, I can make my connection and vice versa - while Strich bleibt aber, that is black wertschätze, who switches off the room on HomeKit universe and his private on the way, ich not the preislichen Unterschied zu others HomeKit-Kameras is used as a dish, which is good for a drink. And if you want to use one of HomeKit's default settings, you can. Photos, the camera is displayed: Fuller Zoom on the iPhone: Circle 2 from Logitech: Eve Cam:

Technical information
• Vorausetzungen:iPhone or iPad with the new version of iOS/iPadOS; HomePod or Apple TV (4th generation or new) as Steuerzentrale; WLAN network (2.4/5 GHz 802.11a/b/g/n); 50 GB Apple iCloud+ Speicherplan or higher (not included)
• Features:HomeKit Secure Video support; 1080p/24fps H.264 video; 150° field of view; Night vision up to 5 m; Data messaging with a built-in microphone and speaker; 360° x 180° extendable, magnetic room extraction; Status LED
• Power supply:5 V, 1 A max. (USB)
• Function:WLAN (2.4/5 GHz)
• Dimensions:122 x 65 x 60 mm (H x W x D)
• Compatible:Type E & F Socket
Were not allowed to operate and it was available, if HomeKit -only is available here, you can access the internal room with additional operation for your own view.

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