Sonos Move Vs. Sonos One: Which should you buy?

Cupertino, August 12, 2020

Portable power

Sonos Move

Sonos Move Vs. Sonos One Which should you buy

Accessible audio

Sonos One

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Sonos Move can go where no other Sonos speakers can, thanks to built-in battery life, Bluetooth and IP56. While not moving, the Move is as capable as the Sonos One, with AirPlay2, grouping, stereo pairing and voice controls. The only problem? Its portability comes at a steep price.

$ 399 on Amazon


  • Built-in charged battery
  • Supports AirPlay 2
  • Alexa and Google Assistant on board
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Weather resistant


  • Expensive
  • Big and heavy

One offers the Sonos sound signed in a compact form factor, with a compact price. The latest generation One includes built-in voice controls on the right, AirPlay 2 and, of course, full sound, which stays in sync. It may not be portable, but One is still the best way to jump into the whole home audio world with Sonos.

$ 199 on Amazon


  • Accessible price
  • Supports AirPlay 2
  • Alexa and Google Assistant on board
  • Small, compact, form factor


  • It must be connected at all times
  • Bluetooth is missing
  • For indoor use only

The statement of a winner between Sonos Move vs. The Sonos One is really based on whether or not you need a truly portable speaker. Sonos Move is the only game in town when it comes to portability, with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 11 hours, so if you want your songs in time, then Move is the right choice.

However, the smaller Sonos One is best for those who just want to sound great sound inside the house at an affordable price. The One has almost everything, AirPlay 2 support, full audio sound, stereo pairing and voice controls via Alexa and Google Assistant.

Same, but different

Even though both Move and One are designed for different use cases, they are similar when it comes to connected functions. Both speakers support full sound, which keeps the music in sync between different speakers and cameras, plus AirPlay 2, which can add other non-Sonos speakers to the mix. Both speakers also have two Class D amplifiers, plus a single tweeter and a medium woofer for excellent sound, which is automatically adjusted according to the environment in which it is located.

Let's tear it down

Sonos Move in an outdoor setting

Source: Sonos

If things differ, it's that the Move is really built for portability, and the One is meant for a more traditional, interior setting. Move includes a 36WH rechargeable battery inside, which can keep it running for 11 hours between tasks, plus it has IP56 weather resistance.

The Move can go wherever your travels take you, including by the pool or even as a temporary surround speaker for your home theater the next night of the movie. One, though light and small, needs to be connected constantly, but it comes with a bonus of not having to remember to charge it.

Sonos Move Sonos One
size 9.44 inches x 6.29 inches x 4.96 inches 6.36 inch x 4.69 inch x 4.69 inch
Weight 4.08lbs 6.61lbs
finishes Black and white Black and white
Weather resistance Yes (IP56) Not
Voice control Yes (Alexa, Google Assistant) Yes (Alexa, Google Assistant)
AirPlay 2 Yes Yes
wifi Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Not
Built-in battery Yes (11 hours) Not
Drop resistant Yes Not
Ethernet Not Yes
Power USB-C AC adapter
amplifiers 2 (class D) 2 (class D)
tweeters 1 1
Mid-woofers 1 1
Wall mountable Not Yes

Which one should you buy?

As you can see, both speakers are really quite similar, so the choice comes down to price and portability. If you need a Sonos speaker that can label you on your next camping trip, or spend some time on the terrace, Move is a clear choice. Travel also comes with the bonus of being the only Sonos speaker that works with Bluetooth, so friends and family can easily share their libraries.

If the price is a cause for concern and you want the biggest buck for the buck, then go with Sonos One. However, the small size allows you to move it from room to room inside the house, plus it has the same amount of amplifiers, tweets and midsection as Move. Although it may lack an integrated battery, One compensates with an Ethernet port for cameras with spotty Wi-Fi, and for the price, you can buy two for the price of a single Move.

Portable power

1597243451 835 Sonos Move Vs. Sonos One Which should you buy

Sonos Move

Sonos on the go

Sonos Move is a portable power plant with 11 hours of battery life, weather resistance and all the connected goodness that Sonos is famous for. Travel is also a good speaker for interiors, but all this portability comes at a price.

Accessible audio

1597243452 67 Sonos Move Vs. Sonos One Which should you buy

Sonos One

Best for most

Sonos One, with its excellent sound combination and affordable price, is simply the best option around for most. Integral audio controls, AirPlay 2, small size and voice commands on board make the One fit for almost anywhere except air.

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