Speculations Indicate Potential iPhone Thunderbolt Inclusion, Anticipated Launch of New App Store, and Prospects of iMac Face ID Feature

Cupertino, August 18, 2023

Apple devices continue to dominate the TV and film industry, and if the rumors about Thunderbolt and USB4 data speeds being incorporated into the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro are true, this trend is expected to increase. Setapp, the first to announce plans for a competitor to the App Store, discusses these developments on the Homekit.Blog podcast.

The speculated high data rate of the iPhone 15 range is based on leaks showcasing components of the new USB-C charging port. Some of these leaks also reveal an additional processor, possibly controller chips, suggesting the presence of Thunderbolt/USB4 technology. Apple is set to launch the new iPhone 15 range within a few weeks, which will confirm the inclusion of USB-C and its speed.

In addition to the iPhone updates, Setapp is planning to create a new App Store to rival the current one. As an established bundler of Mac apps, Setapp aims to utilize upcoming EU laws to expand its offerings. Currently, Setapp can only bundle iOS apps if there is a companion Mac app. However, the company anticipates having more time to provide a wide range of iPhone and iPad apps under a single subscription, particularly within the European Union.

Meanwhile, Apple's devices are frequently featured in movies and TV shows, with Apple reportedly leading in product placement efforts. If you want to see an Apple device in action, simply tune into any number of entertainment options. For additional information, including contact details and links to related podcasts, please visit the show's website.

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