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Starling Home Hub Now Integrates Nest Devices Into HomeKit

Starling Home Hub Now Integrates Nest Devices Into HomeKit – Homekit News and Reviews
Starling, based in California, has recently released their Starling Home Hub, which works with Nest products but will soon also allow exposure to Apple HomeKit for your Nest products. Once the update is released to your network, Starling Home Hub will effectively connect your Nest products to the Apple HomeKit ecosystem by connecting Starling Home Hub to your Internet router. You can then use Siri, the Apple Home app, or any HomeKit-compatible software on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch to monitor your Nest phones.

According to Starling, all models of Nest Thermostat, Nest Temperature Sensor, Nest Protect, Nest Cam Indoor / Outdoor / IQ, Nest Hello, Nest Yale Lock and Google Nest Hub Max are included in the list of compatible devices in the Nest range. The company does state that the Home app will present the’ This accessory is not HomeKit certified’ when you add these devices through their hub. So essentially the Starling Hub seems to be a HomeBridge tool, explicitly designed to work with Nest items. While this isn’t exactly a surprise, as Nest products are part of Google’s own smart home product line, it allows people who already have a suite of Nest devices to attach them to HomeKit and keep them connected to their Google Nest / Home / Assistant setup.

Nest Hello, the popular video doorbell, is also listed by the company. While this product is competitively priced, you hoped to get a cheap doorbell compatible with HomeKit at around US$ 200 this way, you still have to add in the Starling Hub at US$ 89, which takes the cost to around US$ 290-300 price point. Not bad yet, but with the likelihood that the Netatmo Doorbell rumored to be retailing at about the same price, buying something that is officially compatible with HomeKit may be wise, unless you have one of course.

You can find more info on the Starling Hub at their website –