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Starling Hub Updated With 2-Way audio support for Nest Cameras

Starling Hub Updated With 2-Way audio support for Nest Cameras

First found on 9to5Mac by The Bradley Rooms. Starling, the company making it Starling Home Hub, has introduced an update that now enables the HomeKit Nest cameras to have two-way audio. The firmware version of Hub 5.0 is available now and before that, as with other unofficially added video cameras added to the HomeKit through HomeBridge etc., there was no two-way audio. This addition gives the Nest cameras with video cameras and video sounders on their own, in terms of functionality.

If you’re not already acquainted with Starling Home Hub, it opens Nest apps to HomeKit, but unofficially. The list of compatible products in the Nest series includes all Nest thermostat models, as well as the Nest temperature sensor, Starling said. Safe nest. Indoor / Outdoor / IQ nest screen. Hey, hi. Google Nest Hub Max and Lock Yale Nest now. The company claims that the Home app would show “This adapter is not HomeKit approved” when you connect these devices through its interface. Thus, in fact, it would seem that the Starling Interface is a HomeBridge device on a Raspberry Pi (Nano Pi), specifically designed to work with Nest products.

While this is no surprise, because Nest products are part of Google’s own smart line, they allow people who already have a suite of Nest devices to attach them to HomeKit, and keep them linked to Google. Setup Nest / house / helper.

The firmware update v5.0 also provides support for Nest accounts with 2-factor authentication, features for having low battery warnings on temperature sensors, along with a number of bug fixes. When you order one of today’s Home Hubs, the update would already be in effect, so you can easily upgrade your current software to the hub as usual, when you are already a customer.