Switchbot introduces the third generation curtain motor and a groundbreaking solar panel

Cupertino, August 19, 2023

Smart home company Swithbot today announced its latest generation of retrofit curtain motor, the Switchbot Curtain 3. The SwitchBot Curtain 3 is a smart curtain robot that promises an experience for your home, be it Google, Amazon, SmartThings or Apple Home, thanks to the integration with the Switchbot Hub 2, which is compatible with the Matter Smart Home standard.

The design and functionality of the original SwitchBot curtain has been significantly improved in this version, with more power and quieter operation. In addition, it offers unlimited battery life thanks to a new integrated solar panel. The company claims you can set up the motor (or motors) in just 30 seconds, with no tools or other hidden costs. with DynamiClamp™, SwitchBot Curtain 3 can adapt to 99% of curtain rails worldwide, including telescopic rods. You can check for compatibility here.

Switchbot Hub 2 with Curtain 3 (R version)
With eight kinds of control methods, the Switchbot Curtain 3 can meet the usage habits of everyone in the family, including:

  • Voice control (requires SwitchBot Hub 2)
  • App control (remote control requires SwitchBot Hub 2, local control not)
  • SwitchBot remote control (sold separately)
  • Touch & Go
  • Sunrise and sunset modes
  • Timers
  • Apple Watch
  • Light sensor control (requires pairing with SwitchBot Solar Panel 3)

With the QuietDrift™ mode, SwitchBot Curtain 3 can now move 5mm per second, emitting noise levels below 25dB, so your curtains open and close much quieter than before, waking you up to natural sunlight every day. Combined with the newly designed SwitchBot Solar Panel 3, SwitchBot Curtain 3 can achieve unlimited battery life by using solar energy. The overall charging performance of this device is now also improved by 100%, especially in low light conditions*.

With the included hanging bracket, the SwitchBot solar panel can now be placed in a better sunlight location, with an adjustable tilt angle on the panel surface, ensuring perfect reception of direct sunlight wherever it is placed. *In direct sunlight where clear shadow contours can form, SwitchBot Solar Panel only needs 3 hours of daily sun exposure to continuously power SwitchBot Curtain 3. Data is provided by SwitchBot internal lab testing, results may vary in different environments.

According to the company, the Switchbot Curtain 3 will launch on August 25 through their own online store and Switchbot Amazon Stores in most regions. You can view our written review of the Switchbot Hub 2 with Matter HERE, or the video below;

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