tedee: New firmware with HomeKit integration is available

Cupertino, January 9, 2022

Update on 13 September 2021 at 14:28: tedee has just announced that both new and existing locks are now compatible with Apple HomeKit. This is made possible by a new firmware, which you can install from the manufacturer's own app. The firmware is to be gradually released for all users and at the latest. will be available everywhere by September 27 at the latest. By the way, the bridge is not required for HomeKit integration.

Original post dated August 27, 2021 at 10:50 am: The smart door lock tedee has been a household name to our readers over the past few months. We last reported on the launch of the HomeKit beta in February. The testing phase and the associated certification process at Apple took another few weeks.

Now, however, the company is expected to start officially distributing the necessary updates to the tedee app ≧ v1.130.0 and lock firmware ≧ v1.4.52108 in the course of the coming weeks. These versions are the first prerequisite and, of course, also make the lock compatible with HomeKit for existing tedee users. HomeKit activation can then be expected by mid-September.

New tedee locks with HomeKit branding are expected to be available in limited quantities as early as the beginning of September. However, the manufacturer has no final confirmation here at this point.

Please note that the entire rollout of updates can always take a few days, even for existing locks. Just check again in the middle of the month in the tedee app. With tedee Hub the update of the lock usually starts by itself. If you only own the lock, check the tedee app occasionally for a corresponding notice.

tedee New firmware with HomeKit integration is available
1641877491 281 tedee New firmware with HomeKit integration is available

After the appropriate updates, the setup in HomeKit is a breeze, as the attached video shows.

In the Tedee app, all you have to do is flip the HomeKi switch, accept the corresponding authorization request to access "Home", and the tedee lock is available in HomeKit. Newly purchased locks come with the usual HomeKit QR code.

1641877491 514 tedee New firmware with HomeKit integration is available

To use the HomeKit function, the tedee Bridge is not required. However, from our side, from our own experience, there is a clear recommendation to use the bridge in the set. In addition to the very reliable auto-unlock function, thanks to the iBeacon built into the bridge, the possibility to automatically receive updates for the devices and the user management, we would not want to miss the bridge.

1641877492 693 tedee New firmware with HomeKit integration is available

Also thanks to the bridge, the manufacturer's web API can be used, among other things. This makes it possible for smarthome enthusiasts to use the homebridge-tedee plugin, for example, which offers even more options, or the integration of services like IFTTT and HTTP requests.

Via the new HomeKit function, the tedee door lock can of course also be integrated into scenes and automations. It should be noted that regardless of the manufacturer, a HomeKit lock is always a security-relevant device. Opening by voice command or location trigger therefore always requires active confirmation, e.g. by unlocking the iPhone. With an Apple Watch, the convenience is immediate because it executes the voice command on the wrist.

tedee New firmware with HomeKit integration is available

We, as well as our friends and acquaintances, now have several tedee locks in use. The compact format, the high-quality workmanship and materials, as well as the comparatively quiet operation inspire us again and again.

We also have Stephan in our forum for you, who represents tedee there and will certainly be happy to answer any questions with his team.

Oh yes... As an extra, in addition to the HomeKit update, tedee also gives us a new version of the smart door lock. In addition to the familiar silver/white variant, there will soon also be a tedee in graphite/black color design. Pretty chic, in our opinion.

1641877494 730 tedee New firmware with HomeKit integration is available

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