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The AKara HomeKit Water Drain Sensor is now available! Here’s how to save 25%.

The AKara HomeKit Water Drain Sensor is now available! Here's how to save 25%.

Aqara has announced that its HomeKit-enabled water leak sensor is now available for purchase in North America via Amazon. The compact, completely wireless sensor gives owners a quick and easy way to monitor their homes for possible water leaks by placing them near sinks, washing machines, water heaters and more.

The Aqara water drain sensor can detect floods, also monitoring the status of any water leaks. When the water level at the detection site is higher than 0.5 mm, the sensor will alarm, and your mobile phone application will receive a notification to remind you to take appropriate action.

The Aqara water drain sensor silently monitors areas for water leaks 24/7 and, once water is detected, will notify users with a notification and an audio alarm on the Aqara Hub, which is required for operation. The sensor communicates with the hub via an integrated ZigBee radio that allows long battery life and fast response times. The Aqara sensor is powered by a CR2032 coin battery and is rated for up to two years of use before replacement.

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Once connected to the Aqara Hub, users are able to add it to Apple’s HomeKit and iOS Home app. With the HomeKit, the sensor can be used with other accessories for added protection and notification potential, such as turning on red light bulbs or playing an alarm sound on the Apple HomePod when a leak is detected. HomeKit can also be set to send push notifications, and status checks are available with voice commands via Siri.

The Aqara Drain Sensor is now available through for $ 18.99. To celebrate the launch, Aqara has offered our readers a special promotional code, AQAIMORE, an additional 25% discount is required when paying on Amazon. When combined with an already affordable price, iMore readers can cover the sensor for up to $ 15, making it the cheapest HomeKit drain sensor.