The best accessories for HomePod mini 2021

Cupertino, June 18, 2021

The best
accessories for HomePod mini

The small but powerful Apple HomePod mini brings convenient Siri controls, great sound and more at home. Although cheaper than the original, the smaller HomePod is still an investment, so if you want to protect or expand the speaker's capabilities, you need the best HomePod mini accessories. Whether you're looking for HomeKit covers, holders, accessories or a way to upgrade your home theater system - these are the best accessories for the HomePod mini.

Apple TV 4K 2021

Instant update:
Apple TV 4K

Employee choice

HomePod mini offers incredible sound for its size, but what if you could use it for movies or shows? You can use Apple TV 4K. With AirPlay 2, you can stream the sound of your content wirelessly to one or more HomePods, and starting with iOS 15, you can set it as your TV's default speaker for even more things, such as apps and games.

Stanstar Outlet wall mount for Homepod Mini

Space saver:
STANSTAR wall mount for Homepod Mini

Perfect for kitchens or bathrooms, the STANSTAR Outlet wall mount allows you to lift and remove the speaker from the counters. This easy-to-install mount hangs from the HomePod mini power adapter connected to a standard outlet - no tools required. In addition, the built-in cable management gives the whole package a clean, dirt-free look.

$ 13 on Amazon

Ywl Hard case for Apple Homepod Mini

Travel friendly:
YWL Hard Case for Apple HomePod Mini

The compact HomePod mini is already easy to carry, but the speaker network is prone to stains and damage if you're not careful. The YWL Hard Case gives you a place to store your HomePod mini and power adapter while you're away, providing shock protection, waterproofing and dust resistance with durable EVA construction.

$ 19 on Amazon

Spigen Homepod Mini Stand in black

Stand up:
Spigen Silicone Fit Designed for HomePod Mini

While protecting your HomePod mini is essential, the furniture or surfaces on which your speaker rests are just as important. This silicone support from Spigen offers a shock-absorbing layer that prevents vibrations, protecting surfaces such as wood from rings and stains. The single stand also allows you to position your HomePod mini so you can see if Siri is active across the room.

$ 13 on Amazon

Anker Powerport Atom 3 Slim

Mini power:
Anker 30W PIQ 3.0 and GaN Wall Charger, PowerPort Atom III Slim USB-C Power Adapter

The only thing that is not mini with HomePod mini is that it has a USB-C power adapter. The 30-watt PowerPower Atom III Slim gives HomePod mini the juice it needs in a flat format, allowing you to insert the speaker plug into tight spaces, like behind the couch.

  • $ 24 on Amazon

  • $ 24 at Walmart

Uayh Homepod Mini Case

Portable protection:
UAYH Compatible with HomePod mini case, portable silicone protective case

This silicone case from UAYH helps with portability and adds a splash of HomePod mini color. Available in black, blue and red, the UAYH case offers shock protection and a non-slip grip on the bottom, which also acts as a barrier between the HomePod mini and the surface on which it is located.

$ 11 on Amazon

Iblason Cosmo Series table stand

I-Blason Cosmo Series table stand

The Cosmo iBlason stand combines a mini HomePod stand with an Apple Watch charging stand, creating a fantastic bedside partner. In addition, the Cosmo has a smooth silicone exterior and indentation for the HomePod mini that reduces slipping and scratching, and cable management allows you to store both power cords carefully.

$ 15 on Amazon

Thin Homepod Mini Wall Mount

Mini mounting:
Delight HomePod Mini Wall Mount

Another accessory that helps you get up and away from your HomePod mini, this Delidgi mount allows you to attach the speaker to walls and other flat surfaces. Hidden cable management keeps the extra cable securely hidden underneath, and installation is quick and easy with screws and anchors included.

$ 14 on Amazon

Pinson Owl Holder Stand

Pinson Owl Holder Stand, Owl Statue Smart Speaker Speaker Holder

This mini HomePod owl stand from Pinson allows you to hide your smart speaker from view. Particularly effective with white HomePod minis, the owl stand exposes the top half of the speaker to prevent microphone interference and allows you to see the LED display when Siri is active.

$ 26 on Amazon

Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Bec

Ready to go:
Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Bec

The Essentials A19 bulb from Nanoleaf connects to the HomePod mini via the latest wireless connectivity standard - Thread, making it one of the best HomeKit bulbs you can buy today. With Thread, the alternative power of the Nanoleaf bulb, diminishing its crazy brightness levels or switching between millions of fun colors through HomeKit has an almost instant effect, with incredible reliability.

$ 20 to Apple

Eve Energy smart card

Monitoring and more:
Eve Energy

The Eve Energy HomeKit smart plug does almost anything in your smart home instantly - just log in and play. Like the Nanoleaf bulb, the Eve Energy smart plug takes advantage of the Thread radio built into the HomePod mini and supports energy monitoring so you can keep up to date on how much your coffee machine or heater costs to keep running.

  • $ 40 on Amazon

  • $ 40 to Apple

Make the most of your smart speaker with the best HomePod mini accessories

The best accessories for the HomePod mini not only offer essentials such as protection and portability, but can also expand the capabilities of Apple's smart speaker. With an Apple TV 4K in the house, you can update your home theater configuration using HomePod mini as a speaker or with HomeKit accessories, you can turn on the lights using only your voice.

If you want to reduce congestion in your home, then the STANSTAR Wall Mount for your Homepod Mini can help. This handy grip removes the HomePod mini cable and power cord from the kitchen counter with a frame that hangs from the HomePod's USB brick.

Looking to jump into the wonderful world of HomeKit now that you have a mini HomePod? Then the Nanoleaf Essentials A19 bulb is the best place to start. The Nanoleaf bulb connects to the HomePod mini via Thread, which offers solid reliability and quick response times to all your Siri requests via your smart speaker.

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