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Cupertino, September 13, 2020

Sony Bdp S3700 Blu Ray Player next to the TVSource: Sony

The best
DVD players

While video streaming is in vogue these days, the best DVD players still offer a level of flexibility that simply cannot be matched by one of those fancy services. Whether it's on the road, in a tent or just at home, DVD players will always be ready to play, whether you're connected. The Sony DVPSR510H DVD is our favorite for its proven reliability, 1080p upscaling and, of course, the ability to play those titles that are no longer available on Netflix. Here's our guide to the best DVD players around.

The best general: Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player

Sony Blu Ray Player Lifestyle

Source: Sony

Sony DVPSR510H focuses on providing a high quality experience without confusing or unnecessary features, just like the players of the past. The Sony player has a classic, clean design that can slide directly into the tightest areas thanks to a slim profile and, unlike its competitors, Sony actually includes an easy-to-understand remote control with clearly labeled buttons. To run faster and easier, Sony even offers the necessary batteries remotely.

Although it lacks fancy supplements, the DVPSR510H includes 1080p high definition upscaling and an HDMI output, making it compatible with today's TVs. Through upscaling, movies and shows will look better than ever, taking them from their 480p roots to one of the most used resolutions that are still used today. Older TVs are not left in the cold, however, because they also have a set of composite video and audio jacks in the back. However, the best part is that because it comes from Sony, it will be available in the long run.


  • Accessible price
  • 1080p upscaling
  • HDMI and RCA output
  • Supports tons of disk formats


  • No smart features
  • It is not a region

The best general

The best DVD players 2020 immoral

Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player

Proven and true simplicity

Sony's DVPSR510H keeps it simple, with no confusing or additional features. 1080p and HDMI upcaling make it compatible with modern TVs.

Best Price: Majority Scholars Compact DVD Player

Majority Scholars Compact DVD Player

Source: Majority

Despite its low price, Majority's Scholars Compact DVD Player is a surprisingly feature-rich player. For starters, Majority includes a remote control, along with HDMI and RCA cables along with the player, and while it's not a household name, it has a three-year long warranty.

The Compact Scholars player is also region-free, which opens the door to hard-to-find titles or cheaper alternatives available around the world. The Scholars player doesn't miss the playback either, as it has a 4K and 1080p upscaling, making the whole package a fantastic value.


  • Low cost
  • No region
  • 1080p / 4K upscaling
  • Comes with accessories


  • Less reliable brand
  • There are no connected functions

Best Price

1600011855 992 The best DVD players 2020 immoral

Majority Scholars Compact DVD Player

Accessible and capable

The accessible Scholars player has state-of-the-art features such as 4K upscaling and region-free playback.

Best portability: 12-inch DBPower portable DVD player

Dbpower 12-inch portable DVD player

Source: Amazon

Don't be fooled by the fact that DBPower's 12-inch portable DVD player is more than just another portable player. This player, as well as its included accessories, allow it to function as a home player with remote controls and A / V cable, as a car headrest player with its support and even as a playback option without region.

Of course, the DBPower player is also very suitable for travel, with a high-capacity 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery that powers it for up to five hours. The 10-inch 1024x600 TFT-LCD display can pivot and tilt, which is great for sharing the experience, and the built-in speakers can eliminate ambient noise. Perhaps the best feature is its ability to pick up right where you left off, with the memory option included.


  • Battery life of five hours
  • Option without region
  • Includes convenient accessories
  • Excellent LCD panel that you can position


  • Hard
  • Large size for a portable player
  • No HDMI

The best portability

1600011855 252 The best DVD players 2020 immoral

12-inch DBPower portable DVD player

On the run

Perfect for travel, the DBPower portable player can entertain for up to five hours with a charge with its large 10-inch screen.

The best excerpts: Blu-ray Player Sony BDP-S3700

Player Sony Bdp S3700 Blu Ray

Source: Sony

Sony's BDP-S3700 Blu-ray Player is the opposite of our general choice, the DVPSR510H, as it offers a complete home entertainment experience. As its name suggests, the BDP-S3700 can play both standard DVDs and Blu-ray discs from all regions at 1080p resolution with upscaling and HDMI output and has Ethernet and Wi-Fi on board.

When connected to the internet, the Sony high-end player can stream movies and shows from multiple services, with a dedicated Netflix button right on the remote control. An internet connection also allows the player to act as a game console through the PlayStation Now service. PS Now streams select titles without the need for a disc, and you can pair compatible control pairs directly with the player.


  • Play DVD and Blu-ray
  • Built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Supports PS Now game service


  • Expensive
  • Does not support 4K
  • Does not include a game controller

The best excerpt

1600011855 993 The best DVD players 2020 immoral

Blu-ray Player Sony BDP-S3700

Above and beyond

The BDP-3700 goes beyond Blu-ray and internet connectivity. PS Now also streams a few games on demand.

The best DVD player in the car: Rockville RVD10HD 10.1 "Flip Down Monitor

Rockville Rvd10hd in several finishes

Source: Rockville Audio

Available in three different finishes and with a tilting design, the Rockville RVD10HD player is a perfect way to add DVD playback to larger vehicles. A large 10.1-inch LCD panel with a resolution of 1024x600 is great for extended travel and includes features such as an IR remote control and an FM headset transmitter.

Other essentials include a USB port and an SD card slot for playing local media, a disc that includes over 300 games, and an HDMI input. One of our favorite features, however, is that it also has integrated LED dome lighting only if the installation blocks existing lights and also acts as mood lighting.


  • Integrated design
  • Includes remote control and FM transmitter
  • Allows you to play games
  • Local storage
  • Built-in dome lights


  • Expensive
  • Installation required
  • Small screen

The best DVD player in the car

1600011856 121 The best DVD players 2020 immoral

Rockville RVD10HD 10.1 "Flip Down Monitor

Road trip!

For those extra long trips, Rockville's 10.1-inch Flip Down player keeps passengers.

The best DVD player for CDs: NOLYTH USB-C Superdrive

Nolyth Superdrive

Source: Amazon

USB-C Superdrive from NOLYTH brings classic disk formats of all types of modern laptops and computers with a single cable. Via USB-C or USB-A with the included adapter, this unit can play your favorite DVDs and audio CDs and burn compatible tracks and files.

NOLYTH Superdrive is also great for installing that piece of software or driver you desperately need, but it only comes in physical form. An elegant, Apple-like design, loaded with slots, makes it easy to carry, so you can put it in a bag and always have it on hand just in case.


  • Supports USB-C and USB-A
  • CD / DVD playback and writing
  • Works with Windows and macOS


  • No TV output
  • Not compatible with ChromeOS, phones, tablets

The best DVD player for CDs

1600011856 792 The best DVD players 2020 immoral

NOLYTH USB-C Superdrive

Connect and use

NOLYTH Superdrive works with both PC and Mac via USB-C. Play DVDs, burn discs and install old software, it can do anything.

Bottom line

With simple controls, flexible options and access to a massive catalog of titles, the best DVD players are here to stay. DVD players can help review classics that aren't available for streaming, and portable players can entertain everyone no matter where you are or if you have an internet connection. In addition, all it takes to start the show is inserting a disc and pressing playback, without mis-navigation or search involved.

Our favorite solution in the house is the Sony DVPSR510H DVD player, for its slim design, reliability and high definition upscaling capabilities. Unlike some of the other players on the market, Sony's affordable DVD player includes HDMI output, which makes it compatible with modern TVs and has the basic 480p resolution of older titles up to 1080p. This player also supports tons of formats, including audio CDs, which just adds to all the ways to relive your preferences.

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