The best Father's Day gifts activated HomeKit in 2020

Cupertino, June 12, 2020

The best
Father's Day gifts activated for the HomeKit kit

Father's Day is almost here again and that means another year or trying to figure out what to buy for the father who has it all. Fortunately, the world of smart accessories has a device for almost everyone, and Apple's HomeKit provides an easy-to-use, consistent experience that won't confuse pros and confuse beginners. Here's our guide to the best HomeKit-activated accessories that will delight your dad for that special day.

The best Fathers Day gifts activated HomeKit in 2020

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Smart bulbs are suitable for both experienced HomeKit experts and beginners, thanks to their easy installation, flexibility and convenient controls. For those new to the smart home, this kit includes everything your dad needs to get started, three light bulbs, a remote control and the Hue Bridge. For smart home veterinarians, adding more light bulbs and remote controls around the house is always welcome, as you can never have too many accessories.

  • $ 174 on Amazon

  • $ 190 at Best Buy

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Chances are, the father may have some electronics that could use a little smart convenience, such as a fan or a lamp. Wemo Mini is an affordable, compact option to make smart things easy; just plug it in and dad will be ready to go. HomeKit allows it to be used with other accessories in automation or scenes, and Siri can take care of things with a shout.

The best Fathers Day gifts activated HomeKit in 2020

Unlike other smart locks on the market, the level lock is completely invisible, hiding all the smart capabilities inside the door. This lock is incredibly easy to install, requiring only a screwdriver in most cases, so you can take care of it in a few minutes on your father's big day. Once set up, Dad can lock and unlock the door from almost anywhere, perfect for those hectic mornings.

$ 229 per level

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Smart thermostats are a staple of the connected home, and the latest ecobee is pretty much the best line option for the HomeKit. This thermostat not only allows the father to change the temperature on the sofa, but the included RoomSensor can make it more comfortable by adjusting the climate in the house in a room chosen by the father instead of the hallway.

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Arlo's Pro 3 Camera works both indoors and outdoors, offering the father 24/7 protection at home. These cameras capture all the details with 2K high-definition HDK video and include other accessories such as a built-in siren and built-in reflectors. A wireless design makes the installation a breeze, and the long battery life means that the father will spend less time charging and monitoring more time.

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If Dad is both a smart home fan and a cook, then Eton Blackout Buddy Connect is the gift to go with. This accessory plugs into an electrical outlet so that its internal battery is always turned off, allowing it to turn on automatically when the lights go out. The battery can also turn off other devices, such as the father's phone via USB, and can be disconnected and used as a flashlight. In addition, the HomeKit holder makes it available for switching lights with a tap.

The best Fathers Day gifts activated HomeKit in 2020

Even if the father doesn't listen to music every day, the HomePod and its Siri voice controls compliment the HomeKit nicely, making each accessory just a shout out. If, however, the father is a musical junkie, the HomePod combined with an Apple Music subscription offers songs with a glorious, roomy sound and gives the father access to a massive catalog of songs.

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While a smoke detector may not seem like the most interesting gift, it can give your father extra peace of mind while they are at work or on the next vacation. If a disaster strikes while you're not home, this smoke detector will send an instant notification to your father's phone. This detector can also defer nuisance alarms and perform monthly tests via the OneLink app.

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For the father who prides himself on keeping his lawn or garden looking good or hydrated during the summer, Eve Aqua can make life easier by watering through the HomeKit. This handy accessory attaches directly to a hose rod on the outside. It works with sprinklers or drip irrigation systems, to prevent my father from taking a trip outdoors through a program or with water on request.

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Kaiterra Laser Egg + CO2 measures and reports the quality of the air in the house, which can give the father a better idea of ​​what your family breathes daily. While it will not clean the air, simply knowing it is empowering and can be essential for dads who may have allergies or respiratory sensitivities. This sensor also measures CO2, which is often overlooked when it comes to maintaining a healthy environment.

$ 199 on Amazon

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LG's latest smart TV is one of the most versatile gifts for Father's Day, as it not only offers a clean 4K image, but also works with HomeKit for smart home control. Once connected, Dad can build a night movie scene that darkens the lights, turns off the shades, and switches the TV to the correct input, all with one touch or voice command. The best part, though, is that with this TV, Dad won't have to upgrade for years to come.

eero vs eero Pro What should you buy

The gift of a reliable internet is sure to bring a smile to your father's face, especially if he has a certain area in the house that offers them matches. This system can cover up to 5,000 square meters on three nodes and is even strong enough to reach outdoor areas around the house. eero routers also support the Apple HomeKit to keep local smart devices safe and secure from outside attacks.

1591994328 453 The best Fathers Day gifts activated HomeKit in 2020

Nanoleaf's bright panels are a fantastic way to add a little color and fun to the home, with their playful shapes and endless design opportunities. HomeKit can invoke millions of colors and patterns on demand, and if Dad is truly creative, he can set up and play games with touch-sensitive panels, or he can use each one as a different button for HomeKit.

1591994329 71 The best Fathers Day gifts activated HomeKit in 2020

If Dad only starts with HomeKit, Onvis SMS has it all. This small sensor measures temperature and humidity, and the motion sensor allows the lights to turn on automatically when the father enters the room. SMS1 also uses Bluetooth to connect to the HomeKit, which means your dad won't have to worry about entering a Wi-Fi password to set it up.

$ 26 on Amazon

1591994331 180 The best Fathers Day gifts activated HomeKit in 2020

The Fibaro button can look like a gag gift; in fact it is extremely useful when combined with HomeKit. The button can be used to trigger a HomeKit scene or an accessory with a slap, double or long press, without having to think about accessing the phone. Just keep in mind that if the father gets creative, he can be used for better or worse.

The HomeKit gift

Whether the father is an expert HomeKit is new to the smart home world, there is an accessory for almost any father. Thanks to a familiar, easy-to-use experience that is already on your father's iPhone and iPad, they can be up and running in minutes, controlling their home on demand. In addition, the HomeKit home sharing system also allows you to access technical support if needed, even if you live in the other part of the country.

If the father is interested in HomeKit, but is not very sure that it is for them yet, then give him the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED starter kit. This kit includes everything your dad needs to get started, including light bulbs, remote control and the critical Hue Bridge. The Philips Hue app makes setup quick and easy, and in addition to smart plugs, screwing in a light bulb is one of the easiest ways to add smarts.

For HomeKit experts, consider giving your father the convenience gift with a smart Wemo mini plug. Although your dad may already have a few smart plugs around the house, you can never have too many, as they are just as handy, and the Wemo Mini is so stylish that they can fit two in the same outlet.

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