The best HomeKit 2020 water leak detectors

Cupertino, September 2, 2020

Eve Water Guard detects a leak under the sinkSource: Eva

The best
HomeKit Water Leak Detectors

Although it may not be at the top of everyone's must-have list, the best HomeKit drain detectors are some of the most important devices around. These tiny sensors monitor your home 24/7 for any signs of water and, when a disaster strikes, alert everyone with Home app notifications. We like the Fibaro flood sensor because it can go almost anywhere with a convenient wireless design and includes additional elements such as temperature detection. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured knowing that the best HomeKit drain detectors keep your eyes on your home in peace.

Best general: Fibaro flood sensor

Fibaro flood sensor for HomeKit next to a bathtub

Source: Fibaro

The Fibaro flood sensor offers a perfect mix of features, design and price, making it our HomeKit water leak detector. This fully wireless sensor runs on a single CR123A battery, which lasts up to two years, and connects directly to the HomeKit via Bluetooth. Although limited in range, Bluetooth makes pairing with your home app quick without having to download another app or creating an account.

Because Fibaro Flood is wireless, all you need after pairing is to place it next to one of the potential hot spots in the house, like under a sink. The Fibaro flood sensor takes it from there, monitoring the surface on which it leans for leaks with a set of tiny probes underneath. If water is detected, it can trigger an audible alarm and send an instant notification. The best part about the Fibaro flood is that it includes temperature detection, which puts the measurements right in the Home app, plus it also has tamper detection that can warn you if it's been moved out of position.


  • Completely wireless
  • Directly to the HomeKit connection
  • It also acts as a temperature sensor
  • Visual and audio alarms


  • Limited Bluetooth range
  • Works only with HomeKit

The best general

The best HomeKit 2020 water leak detectors

Fibaro flood sensor

Set and forget

With a convenient wireless design and fast setup, the Fibaro flood sensor is ready to protect your home in minutes. Two-year battery life, HomeKit support and on-board alarms, this sensor has it all.

Best Price: Aqara water drain sensor

Aqara water drain sensor

Source: Read

If you already own an Aqara hub, then the Aqara water drain sensor is practically the cheapest HomeKit option on the market. However, don't let the low price fool you, as the Aqara sensor is just as capable with the on-board probes, notifying you when it detects a leak through the Home app and an audible alarm with the hub.

The Aqara drain sensor also happens to be the smallest HomeKit drain detector, with a width of only 2 inches. The small size allows it to fit in the tightest of spaces, and since it uses a low-power Zigbee radio for its wireless connection, it can go up to two years between required CR2032 battery swaps.


  • Accessible
  • Incredibly compact design
  • Battery life of two years


  • No alarm on board
  • The coverage cannot be extended
  • Requires Aqara Hub

Best Price

1599062671 212 The best HomeKit 2020 water leak detectors

Aqara water drain sensor

Affordable insurance

The Aqara Water Drain Sensor is the cheapest HomeKit option if you already own the Aqara Hub. This incredibly small sensor is completely wireless and offers a long battery life, which is rated for up to two years.

Best coverage: Eve Water Guard

Eve Water Guard detected a leak under a washing machine

Source: Eva

Unlike other HomeKit drain detectors, Eve Water Guard uses an external detection cable that allows it to cover larger areas right out of the box. Eva's special detection cable detects leaks along its entire length, which is about six and a half feet, and can be extended to cover a whopping 490 feet!

However, it's not just the cable, because Eve Water Guard is also the only HomeKit detector that doesn't require batteries, so you'll never be left wondering if it's eye-catching. Combined with Home app notifications, a powerful 100-decibel siren and a flashing red light on the device, Eve Water Guard will ensure that everyone in the house and outside is always up to date.


  • Directly to the Bluetooth HomeKit connection
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • Large coverage area


  • Expensive
  • Works only with HomeKit
  • Requires socket near the installation location

The best coverage

1599062672 978 The best HomeKit 2020 water leak detectors

Eve Water Guard

Full coverage

Eve Water Guard has the largest coverage area of ​​all, with a six-foot cable that extends up to 490 feet. HomeKit, along with a 100 db siren and a flashing alarm, will undoubtedly attract attention.

Bottom line

Water leak detectors are extremely important for their potential to prevent major flooding. When it comes to Apple's HomeKit smart home platform, the Fibaro flood sensor is our top choice. The Fibaro sensor offers a convenient wireless design with long battery life, device alarms, and quick, easy pairing that doesn't require an extra app or account.

For added protection, the Fibaro flood sensor also includes useful features such as temperature monitoring and handling detection. Both are equally important for protecting the home. If the temperature is detected, it is only added to the total value, as it can be used together with other HomeKit accessories in automations.

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