The best HomeKit 2021 air purifiers

Cupertino, June 9, 2021

The best
HomeKit air purifiers

The air in your home plays a critical role in the health of everyone in your household. If you have a good air purifier in the house, you can eliminate allergens, molds and even viruses, and the best HomeKit air purifiers can do everything with the help of applications and voice commands. HomeKit air purifiers combine the monitoring capabilities of the best HomeKit air quality monitors with advanced filters that automatically take care of your home's air. Here is our guide to the best HomeKit air purifiers you can buy today.

Smartmi P1 air purifier Gray

Accessible air:
smartmi air purifiers for home

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The smartmi P1 air purifier monitors and cleans the air in your home with a dual-panel PM2.5 and PM10 particle sensor. The sensor allows the air purifier to automatically climb to higher speeds when needed - cleaning rooms of up to 180 square meters in just ten minutes with the HEPA filter. In addition, the P1 comes in two finishes - an elegant silver and a dark gray, allowing it to blend in with many types of decor.

$ 180 on Amazon

Vocolinc Pureflow intelligent air purifier

Big and responsible:
VOCOlinc PureFlow intelligent air purifier

The PureFlow VOCOlinc intelligent air purifier addresses larger areas of the house, with dimensions of up to 645 square meters. This air purifier has a dual HEPA filtration system that removes 99.7% of gases and particles up to 0.3 microns with a CADR of 295 CFM. In addition to air purification, PureFlow monitors the temperature, humidity and air quality in your home and puts measurements on a large 5.1-inch LCD in the Home app.

$ 400 on Amazon

Air Mini Plus molecule

Total purification:
Molekule Air Mini + Small room air purifier

Molekule Air Mini + keeps the clean air of your home with a unique PECO filter that uses UV light to destroy bacteria, viruses, pollen, hair, animals, mold and more. The Molekule air purifier can handle small to medium rooms of up to 250 square meters, making it a great fit for your bedroom or office. An on-board particle sensor allows hands-free operation with an Auto-Protect mode that keeps it quiet when everything is free.

$ 439 on Amazon

Eve Energy smart card

Make her smart:
Eve Energy - Apple HomeKit Smart Home, Smart Plug & Power Meter

If you already have an air purifier for your home, but want to make it smart, then a smart HomeKit plug can be the best bet. The Eve Energy smart plug offers convenient controls for the air purifier via the Home app and includes power monitoring capabilities. With energy monitoring, you can track consumption and revise estimates of how much it costs to keep the house clean.

$ 40 on Amazon

Monitor and clean the air in your home with the best HomeKit air purifiers

The best HomeKit air purifiers make it easy to monitor and clean the air in your home. With HomeKit, you can adjust the fan speed, frame them into good night scenes, and even include them in automation with smoke detectors to combat odors if you've left something in the oven a little too long.

If you are looking for the most bang for your dollar, then smartmi P1 may be the one for you. P1 is packaged in a powerful HEPA filtration system that can clean small to medium rooms quickly and efficiently - in just ten minutes in some cases. The smartmi air purifier can trap particles up to 80 Nanos, and the on-board dual-laser sensor allows hands-free operation in an automatic mode.

If you don't mind paying a premium, Molekule Air Mini + purifies the air even more with its advanced PECO filter. PECO technology uses the power of UV light to destroy molecules - including viruses, bacteria, mold, pet dandruff, pollen, VOCs and more.

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