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The best HomeKit 2021 security systems

The best HomeKit 2021 security systems

The best HomeKit 2021 security systems

The best HomeKit 2021 security systems

The best
HomeKit security systems

Security accessories, such as the best locks and HomeKit cameras, are a critical part of the smart home. However, to really lock your home, you need a HomeKit security system. The best HomeKit security systems allow you to monitor your home through Home notifications, and the sirens and lights on board can deter potential intruders. So, whether you go to DIY or professional monitoring, the best HomeKit security systems offer extra peace of mind, keeping an eye on all events.

Unfortunately, there are not many HomeKit security systems at present and availability is limited. However, you can create your own if you know how to use a HomePod as a HomeKit alarm in combination with a HomeKit door and window sensor or motion sensor.

The best HomeKit 2021 security systems

The best of both worlds:
Iota home security kit

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The Abode Iota home security kit includes everything you need to start securing your home. This handy kit consists of a door and window sensor, wallet and very important key that houses a built-in camera, a siren and a spare battery. In addition, the Abode kit allows you to do DIY completely, or you can approach professional monitoring for a small monthly fee.

$ 300 on Amazon

The best HomeKit 2021 security systems

DIY security:
Aqara Smart Hub, wireless smart bridge for alarm system

The Aqara Smart Hub lays the groundwork for DIY, HomeKit security without a subscription with a built-in siren, color LED light and Zigbee radio. With the Aqara hub, you can pair up to 32 Aqara accessories, such as door and window sensors, motion sensors, and more in seconds. In addition, because it runs on Zigbee, it offers ultra-fast response times and incredible reliability.

$ 50 on Amazon

The best HomeKit 2021 security systems

Professional monitoring:
Honeywell Lyric Controller

Honeywell’s Lyric Controller combines classic wall-mounted security with a modern 7-inch color touchscreen, HomeKit and a built-in camera. Lyric Controller works with various professional monitoring services, allowing you to look for the best package for your home. However, if you want to get a free subscription, you’ll need to activate it with a provider to activate HomeKit – but you can anytime to cancel later.

$ 271 on Amazon

The best HomeKit 2021 security systems

No room:
Abode Smart Security Kit

Like Iota, the Abode smart security kit gives you a great start with professional monitoring or DIY security, by grouping multiple accessories into one accessible package. This kit includes Abode Gateway with backup battery, a mini door and window sensor, a key and a motion sensor. Unlike Iota, the Gateway in this package does not have a built-in camera and Wi-Fi connectivity.

$ 249 at the Home

Protect your home with the best HomeKit security systems

The best HomeKit security systems keep you up to date with all the actions in and around your home, providing instant notifications when a door or window opens directly on your iPhone. HomeKit security systems also help scare away potential intruders with built-in sirens and lights, and you can take things even further by automating them with other HomeKit accessories.

If you are looking for a security solution that allows you to add professional monitoring on demand, then the Abode Iota home security kit is for you. The Abode kit offers you the best of both worlds – 24/7 monitoring without a contract, with cellular backup and battery, plus you can get subscriptions and rely only on HomeKit to deliver important notifications if you want.

If you prefer to do strictly DIY without a subscription, check out Aqara Smart Hub. This low-cost hub includes essential home security features such as a siren and a light in a compact and affordable package. The Aqara hub supports up to 32 accessories, so you can cover every door and window in your home for a cheap price.

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