The best HomeKit apps for Apple TV in 2020

Cupertino, March 8, 2020

The HomeCenter application displayed on a TV

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If you have HomeKit accessories and an Apple TV, you might be wondering, why isn't there a Home app for my sweet home? Sure, you can use the universally recognized Siri remote control to send your HomeKit commands by voice, but sometimes it might be best to dim the lights or view the cameras with a touchpad. Fortunately, there are applications available that can help fill the gap! Here are some of the best HomeKit apps currently available for Apple TV.

HomeCam for HomeKit

Homecam Apple Tv App

Source: Apple

HomeCam, the first HomeKit camera app, which is available for iOS, iPadOS and Apple Watch, happens to be on Apple TV as well. This app permanently puts your rooms with one click and even includes controls for accessories that are in the same room, hiding all the others that are not relevant.

If you have multiple cameras, you can set the app to cycle automatically across all your streams, keeping you up to date with all the action, but giving you the largest possible full screen view. If you prefer to be in control, you can simply switch the remote control to switch between all your rooms, which is just kind of cool.

homecam apple watch app icon

HomeCam for HomeKit

HomeCam for HomeKit brings all your cameras to the big screen. This app removes all fluff and puts the cameras in front and in the center, making them easy and quick to access.

HomeCenter for HomeKit

Homecenter Apple Tv App

Source: Apple

Headquartered on the opposite end of the HomeKit control spectrum is HomeCenter for HomeKit. This app gives you access to all HomeKit accessories in a familiar grid view, including video cameras, putting the whole house in the palm of your hand.

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HomeCenter also supports fine adjustments, such as lighting levels, colors, and temperature settings. A Favorites view lets you put passive sensors such as air quality and humidity accessories, which makes the entire TV feel like a huge control center.

homecenter apple tv app icon

HomeCenter for HomeKit

HomeCenter is the ultimate HomeKit app for those looking for complete control directly from the TV. This app is the only one around the TV that comes close to matching a potential Home app.

Thermo clock

Thermowatch Apple Tv App

Source: Apple

Thermo Watch is an Apple TV application specially designed to control the heating and air of the house. This application works with HomeKit thermostats, such as ecobee, and gives you access to temperature control, mode switching and even fan switching, even from the Siri remote control.

In addition to HomeKit, the Thermo Watch also works with select Nest thermostats, which is huge for those who have been patiently waiting for support for Apple's smart home platform. If that wasn't enough, Thermo Watch is available on all your iOS and Apple Watch devices, which is quite late.

thermowatch apple tv app icon

Thermo clock

If you want an easy way to adjust your HomeKit thermostat then look no further than the Thermo Watch. Large controls, simple to use, make cooling the place easy, and additional sensors introduce data such as moisture on the big screen.

DayView - Personal Dashboard

Dayview Apple Tv App

Source: Apple

As its name suggests, DayView is a smart app that turns your Apple TV into a whole home dashboard. Up to six widgets can be added to the app, including local weather, news, stocks, calendar, clock, transfer hours, Twitter and, of course, HomeKit controls and camera workflows.

The best part about DayView is that it is completely free! There are no purchases, subscriptions or limitations in the application here. The only disadvantage? DayView is no longer supported, which means it may not work in future versions of tvOS, so get it while you can!

dayview apple tv app icon

DayView - Personal Dashboard

DayView turns your big screen into a custom dashboard, full of weather widgets. HomeKit controls and cameras are also on the way, making it one of the best utility apps around.


Emblazee Apple Tv App

Source: Apple

If HomeKit light control is all you need, then Emblazee can be the right app for you. Optimized for TVs, Emblazee has fast switching controls and a great color selection tool to set the perfect mood even from the comfort of your couch.

Emblazee also comes with an iOS, iPadOS and Apple Watch app, keeping everything familiar if you like the clean design. Additional features such as programming, scenes, zones and groups are available on smaller screens.

emblazee apple tv app icon


HomeKit lights are just a few clicks away using the Emblazee app on Apple TV. This app has easy-to-use controls, such as a large color picker that works by sliding your finger on the Siri remote control.


Streamie Apple Tv App

Source: Apple

Streamie is another HomeKit app that helps you keep an eye on everything in and around your home. Using a classic grid room view, this app can display up to 16 cameras simultaneously, including those outside the HomeKit world that use RTSP protocol.

However, this app not only shows you the cameras, it can also pan, tilt and zoom your streams, and snapshots can be saved directly to a shared iCloud photo album. The app is free to try, confining you to just one room, but if that's all you have, then this is a great way to see how useful your Apple TV can be.

streamie apple tv app icon


Streamie brings the classic view of closed circuit video streams to the HomeKit world via Apple TV. This free trial app can display up to 16, yes 16, still cameras all at once, and can even let you interact with it if your device supports it.

What do you use?

What HomeKit apps do you use for Apple TV? Do you know of a wonderful thing I missed? Tell us in the comments!



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