The best HomeKit apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Cupertino, March 10, 2020

HomeKit applications displayed on an iPhone and iPad

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The Apple Home app may be our preferred way of interacting with our HomeKit accessories, but it certainly has its limitations. For those with a lot of devices, things can get crowded in a hurry and some automations that don't need temperatures, such as those for temperature, are lacking. Fortunately, however, there are applications for this! Here are some of our favorites that help grow our HomeKit game.

Home + 4

Screens for Home Plus 4 Ios applications

Source: Apple

Apple's Apple app on iOS offers the basics of accessory and automation control, but it lacks the user's customization and user-friendly features. Fortunately, there is an application that can help you fill in the gaps if you need more accessories. Home + 4 allows you to choose from a variety of icons that can best match your accessories and allows you to create your own custom home screen in the app that includes your favorites.

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A handy group view is also available, which can give you an overview of similar accessories, such as a door and window sensors with just a tap, without the need to switch rooms. Finally, Home + 4 gives you the power to create automations that are missing from the Home storage application, including temperature-based ones, that can flip on a fan if the temperature gets a little high.

home plus 4 ios app icon 1

Home + 4

Home + 4 is the HomeKit application for energy users. This app may look similar to the Home app, but it includes some serious features, such as customization and advanced automation.

HomeCam for HomeKit

Application screens for Homekit Ios

Source: Apple

HomeCam for HomeKit removes all clutter and provides quick and easy access to HomeKit camera workflows. This clean and focused app presents you with your cameras in a grid view at launch and also includes a car cycling mode that gives you a full screen view that rotates to the next room after a designated time.

HomeCam also includes options for placing live camera streams live in the widget portion of the iPhone and iPad. If that wasn't enough, you can even create shortcuts from Siri that can extract a stream of your camera using just your voice, and purchase prices include apps for Apple TV and Apple Watch.

homecam for homekit ios app icon

HomeCam for HomeKit

HomeCam is the ultimate camera app for iPhone and iPad. Just launch the app to see all your feeds without other accessories getting in the way or placing your cameras in the widget area for convenient access.

Controller for HomeKit

Homekit Ios Application Screen Controller

Source: Apple

While configuring HomeKit accessories isn't the most time-consuming thing in the world, things can add up quickly if you need to add them all at once. This is where the HomeKit Controller comes from. This fantastic app is the only one around you that can back up (through in-app purchase) your HomeKit home, ready to restore things in case of disaster.

The HomeKit Controller is also the only HomeKit application that supports recording the behind-the-scenes action. This feature, although limited to the foreground operation of the iOS device, will display in plain text every single thing that HomeKit accessories do. This means you can see when an accessory has been turned on and is constantly rolling with updates as it happens.

controller for homekit ios app icon

Controller for HomeKit

The controller for HomeKit is absolutely indispensable because of its ability to back up your HomeKit home. This app also includes a real-time login feature.

Wallflower for HomeKit

Wallflower For Homekit IOS Application Screens

Source: Apple

Wallflower for HomeKit is a beautifully designed HomeKit dashboard, suitable for wall-mounted iPads. A minimal, simple interface only displays the controls for the room in which it is running, along with an automatic passive sensor data update chart.

Even if it was designed with the iPad in mind, running on an iPhone still gives you the same view of your HomeKit home, making it perfect for an office companion. There are several themes, and bonus features include a large clock display, Wi-Fi access information for guests, and automatic darkening using the camera on your device.

wallflower for homekit ios app icon

Wallflower for HomeKit

Wallflower for HomeKit, clean design and large, easy-to-read dimensions work great for long-distance viewing of your HomeKit. A smaller, yet capable iPhone version is also suitable for office setup.


Pushcut Ios Application Screens

Source: Apple

Pushcut is a smart application that combines the power of push notifications and shortcuts from Siri with HomeKit to allow some truly unique ways to control your home. We've all been there at one point, one of those fancy automations that turns off the lights at one point of the day leaves you in the dark when you're not on your regular schedule.

With Pushcut, instead of an automatically running automation, you can set your iOS device to send you a push notification at a set time. So if you work late at the office, the lights won't go out with you yet. Alternatively, you can ignore the notification and continue doing things without interruption.

pushcut ios app icon


Pushcut might seem a little daunting at first, but once you get the hang of creating notifications, you'll be on your way to a smarter home.

HomePass for HomeKit

Homepass For Homekit Ios Application Screens

Source: Apple

The HomeKit association codes, those little stickers with the QR code and the eight digits included with each accessory, seem to have an advantage in throwing you or losing you around the house. Unfortunately, these codes are crucial to the pairing process, and if you can't track it, you won't be able to add it back to the Home app.

HomePass for HomeKit aims to solve this problem by providing a place where you can store all your codes in one convenient application. Once you enter one of your codes, it is accessible from any iOS device, as well as from Apple Watch. Now you can pick up the code anytime, and Apple Watch can even display the QR code, allowing you to scan it with your phone.

homepass for homekit ios app icon

HomePass for HomeKit

HomePass is a mandatory application for those who have tons of HomeKit accessories around the house. This app stores all the HomeKit association codes, making them just a few clicks on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


Homedash Ios Application Screens

Source: Apple

The Home Dash app takes the HomeKit experience to the next level with customizable "dashboards" that you can use to replace the Home Vanity application. Sliding sliders and convenient controls look amazing on a wall-mounted iPad and give you the data you're most interested in.

HomeDash widgets can include different types of accessories, such as live camera views, door locks, light controls, and more. Widgets can display things like the battery status of all your accessories right on a screen.

homedash ios app icon


The HomeDash app offers a truly personalized onboard experience for all your iOS devices. Using widgets, decide which controls or data are most important to you.

Wake up the light

Screens for Light Ios applications

Source: Apple

As the name suggests, Wake Up Light is a unique HomeKit application that creates a sunrise simulated with your accessories. This simple application allows you to set the desired wake-up time for each day of the week, along with the speed at which your lights raise their brightness.

Once the time is set, Wake Up Light adds a few scenes and automations to the Home application with your new morning routine. This application works for all types of lighting, lamps, bulbs, switches; you call him.

wake up light ios app icon

Wake up the Light

While you can create scenes and automations for self-awakening lights through the Home app, Wake Up Lights makes things a lot easier by doing the hard work behind the scenes.

Home Flash for HomeKit

HomeKit Ios home screen

Source: Apple

Home Flash for HomeKit solves the age-old problem of getting the attention of everyone in your home without having to scream or travel from room to room. This simple app takes existing HomeKit lighting fixtures and combines them with a quick switch that can turn them on or off.

Needless to say, Home Flash is a great way to summon your kids to the dinner table or to announce someone is taking too little time in the shower. The lights around the house can also be set to different colors, which makes it even more useful.

home flash for homekit ios app icon

Home Flash for HomeKit

Nothing attracts anyone but flashing lights, and Home Flash for HomeKit does just that. To make an even bigger statement, combine HomeFlash with audio automation to make sure your message is heard.

HomeScan for HomeKit

Application screens Homescit For Homekit Ios

Source: Apple

The HomeScan app for HomeKit is one of those utilities that you can't use every day, but will come in handy at some point during your smart trip. This smart app scans Bluetooth signals in your home and displays their signal strength depending on your current location.

Simply choose an accessory you want to monitor on the iPhone version of the app and walk around the house while wearing the Apple Watch. The Watch app will display the power of the real-time signal of an accessory you are tracking, which is great for diagnosing a problematic connection or determining the best place for the latest equipment.

homescan for homekit ios app icon

HomeScan for HomeKit

Do you have a Bluetooth accessory that is on the slow side or sometimes shows the dreaded "No Answer" in the Home app? Then you need HomeScan. This app can display the signal strength of your accessory right on your wrist.

Neon for HomeKit

Application screens Neon For Homekit Ios

Source: Apple

As with Wake Up Light and Home Flash, Neon for HomeKit is another application that keeps the focus on your lights. This excellent application can make your light bands and bulbs come to life through different color, intermittent and pulsing cycling patterns.

Neon can also use the iPhone and iPad microphones to listen to your songs, syncing your lights to the beat. This feature is especially useful if you have an always-on iOS device dedicated to HomeKit.

neon for homekit ios app icon

Neon for HomeKit

Neon for HomeKit is one of the best ways to create a colorful statement through your car cycling scenes. This app can start the party by syncing with your music.


Streamie Ios Application Screens

Source: Apple

Streamie is another application dedicated to HomeKit that helps you keep an eye on everything in your home. Using a classic grid view, this app can display up to 16 cameras at a time, including those outside the HomeKit world. the RTSP protocol.

However, this app not only shows you the cameras, it can also pan, tilt and zoom your streams, and snapshots can be saved directly to a shared iCloud photo album. The app is free to try, confining you to just one room, but if that's all you have, then this is a great way to see how useful quick access to your feed can be.

streamie ios app icon


Streamie brings the classic closed-circuit video viewing to the HomeKit world via iPhone or iPad. This free to try app can display up to 16, yes 16, cameras at a time and can even allow you to interact with it if your device supports it

What do you use?

What HomeKit apps do you use for your iOS devices? Do you know of a wonderful thing I missed? Tell us in the comments!



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