The best HomeKit cameras of 2020

Cupertino, March 17, 2020

The best
HomeKit camcorders

HomeKit cameras offer a level of security and privacy that other cameras and ecosystems cannot match, thanks to Apple's position to protect your data. Built-in HomeKit support allows you to conjure up the flow of your room with Siri, anytime, anywhere. HomeKit also allows for powerful automation, such as lighting up and locking your doors when your camera detects movement at night. Each market option ensures its unique take on the connected security camera. Here is our list of the best HomeKit cameras.

The best HomeKit cameras of 2020

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The Circle 2 camera is one of the few options on the market that works both indoors and outdoors, just outside the box. Circle 2 follows a home with high quality videos, up to 1080p resolution, instant notifications and HomeKit secure video. A built-in microphone allows two-way audio, conversations with those around the camera quickly and easily, requiring just a few clicks. This camera is compatible with a range of optional media, such as one that attaches directly to the window on a window and one that wipes the cable and connects directly to a wall outlet.

$ 130 from Amazon

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Arlo Pro 2 is one of the few HomeKit cameras around that can work completely wirelessly thanks to the built-in battery. This allows the camera to be placed anywhere inside or outside the home and can last up to three months with a single charge. Other features include 2-way audio, 1080p video resolution and an advanced night-view mode that lets you see things up to 25 meters in the dark. Best of all, Arlo offers seven days of free cloud-based video storage, which means you'll always have a backup just in case.

$ 327 on Amazon

The best HomeKit cameras of 2020

Netatmo's presence room is made explicitly for the exterior, using the wiring in the existing luminaires for power supply. However, do not worry about losing an outdoor light, because the presence has a powerful 12 watt LED light built-in. This unique combination can work in tandem or independently through HomeKit. You can turn the light on and off with a tap or they can be configured to trigger when the camera detects movement. Video recordings are recorded directly on an included Micro-SD card and can also be set to automatically upload to an FTP or Dropbox server.

$ 300 on Amazon

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EufyCam 2 is another completely wireless option for HomeKit that comes with a wallet price. The starter kit includes two cameras capable of indoor and outdoor operation and a hub that stores all your videos locally. In addition to standards such as HD 1080p video resolution and night vision, the eufyCam 2 has a massive battery life that can last up to 1 year on a single charge. The best part, though? These rooms do not require a subscription.

$ 276 on Amazon

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Like eufyCam 2, 2C is a wireless, subscription-free camera that has a weather-resistant IP67 rating. This camera supports the same 1080p HD video resolution and night vision, but also includes a built-in headset for added security. However, the addition of flood light affects the battery life, as 2C can only take 6 months to charge, which is good, but not as convenient as eufyCam 2.

$ 240 on Amazon

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The Netatmo smart interior camera is an elegant HomeKit Secure Video option, which has both gold and silver finishes, allowing it to blend in with the décor. A smart indoor room is more than simple, but it has the ability to detect faces and monitor alarms. This means that you will be notified if someone does not recognize that it is working, or if a smoke or carbon monoxide monitor rings. Privacy is also foreground, residing video stored on a Micro-SD card, along with the ability to upload to a Dropbox personal account if you wish.

$ 183 on Amazon

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HomeKit cameras are a great way to keep track of things in your home and around you. These rooms offer rich notifications directly from the Home app, which include a thumbnail image of who or what they are. Siri can call your video feed using just your iOS voice and device. HomeKit automation allows motion sensors built into the cameras to turn on lights when something happens, providing an extra layer of security.

If you are looking for the most flexible HomeKit camera around then look no further than Logitech Circle 2. This affordable option supports Apple's HomeKit Secure Video feature and can support outdoor items. We like that this room has a few unique mounting options, which are available separately, such as a window mount that attaches directly to the glass and a socket, removing the need to tie the wires.

If you need a complete built-in wireless outdoor option, eufyCam 2 will receive our recommendation. These cameras have built-in rechargeable batteries that can last up to 1 year on a single charge. Do you mind the shorter battery life, but do you also want a flood light? Then check the eufyCam 2C camera. This small, neat room supports local storage on the included hub, with a battery life of up to 6 months and has a built-in security light.

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