The best HomeKit ceiling fans of 2020

Cupertino, June 4, 2020

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Adding a HomeKit ceiling fan to your home is a great way to keep the air moving. These fans do their job through automation, through the Home application or with Siri. There are quite a few fans to choose from, so we've put together all the best available to help you decide which one is right for your home.

The best HomeKit ceiling fans of 2020

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Hunter Symphony offers a clean, modern design with a unique curved blade tip, making it a focal point of any room. This beauty with three blades comes in three distinct finishes, each capable of circulating air in large living spaces. This fan is also equipped with LED lighting, which can be ready to go right out of the box.

  • $ 299 on Amazon

  • $ 300 at the Home Depot

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Hunter Cavera II offers all the same HomeKit features, such as app and voice controls, but comes with a price that won't break the bank. This 52-inch five-blade fan has three different finishes and includes additional elements such as a down rod. In addition, this updated model includes a physical remote control that no longer beeps each time you press the button and has a reverse button, just like HomeKit.

$ 179 at Home Depot

1591297476 883 The best HomeKit ceiling fans of 2020

The Hunter’s Advocate ceiling fan is made for spaces that do not have much space above the head. This low profile fan still has a lot of power thanks to its DC motor capable of operating at six different speeds. Although it is an expensive price, this fan compensates with a lifetime warranty, which makes it a solid investment.

  • $ 400 on Amazon

  • $ 400 at Home Depot

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Casablanca Aya is the only HomeKit ceiling fan on the market that is built for indoor or outdoor. This unique two-blade fan can handle stainless steel elements and rust-resistant components. It is perfect for almost any location. Aya also includes an LED bulb with additional dimensions and downrods in the box, which makes it ready for every type of installation.

  • $ 531 on Amazon

  • $ 550 at Home Depot

1591297478 674 The best HomeKit ceiling fans of 2020

Hunter's Apache brings an industrial look to the otherwise boring nature of ceiling fans. This fan has a twisted blade design, which attaches "sideways" to the motor housing, complete with exposed fasteners. However, this fan is not just about appearance, as its 54-inch blade can cool most of the rooms in a hurry.

  • $ 350 on Amazon

  • $ 350 at Home Depot

1591297479 213 The best HomeKit ceiling fans of 2020

The Hunter signal keeps things moving, but it does so quietly with a "WhisperWind" motor and a 13-degree blade pitch. This allows the fan to provide over 6,000 CFM of air movement, all without loud noise. This fan also includes the ability to reverse direction via HomeKit, allowing it to meet its needs throughout the year.

  • $ 350 on Amazon

  • $ 350 at Home Depot

1591297480 629 The best HomeKit ceiling fans of 2020

Hunter’s Romulus takes a more traditional approach to design, with a well-known light kit and four blades. Romulus connects to your network via Wi-Fi, enabling HomeKit functionality, but it also works with a handy remote control. This fan also includes a powerful 1,700 lumen LED light, which places it among the best when it comes to lighting things up.

  • $ 256 on Amazon

  • $ 350 at Home Depot

1591297481 988 The best HomeKit ceiling fans of 2020

Built for larger areas, Hunter Brunswick comes with four massive 60-inch blades, making it one of the biggest smart options around. Despite being available in only two colors, Brunswick is customizable because its blades are reversible, the glass light kit is completely optional and offers three different mounting options.

  • $ 250 on Amazon

  • $ 248 at Home Depot

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HomeKit ceiling fans are the best way to move the air in your home, all from the comfort of your iOS or Siri device. We love the Hunter Symphony ceiling fan for its unique, clean design, and for its ability to keep air circulating in the largest spaces.

If you want smart modern functionality for the home, but want to keep things simple, then Hunter Romulus is for you. This fan has the standard glass light dome and four-blade design, but also has packaging in all HomeKit goodies as well a handheld remote control.

Do you need a fan to keep your space outdoors without giving in to the elements? Then consult Casablanca Aya. This is the only HomeKit fan that has an outdoor rating and includes rust-resistant components.

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