The best HomeKit lamps of 2020

Cupertino, August 18, 2020

The best
HomeKit lamps

HomeKit bulbs and switches are not the only way to add smart lighting to your home, as the best HomeKit lamps combine voice and application control with plug and play simplicity. These lamps can come in many shapes and sizes, but they all add convenient controls, automation, scenes and more. Here are the best HomeKit lamps to help you decide which one is right for your needs.

The best HomeKit lamps of 2020

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Eve's Flare is a beautiful lamp that takes the shape of a sphere, creating an amazing look when lit. However, this lamp is more than simple, because this lamp is completely portable and works both indoors and outdoors. An internal battery powers this lamp for up to six hours on a charge, and an IP65 water resistance level makes it perfect for the next outdoor meeting.

The best HomeKit lamps of 2020

Philips Hue Ascend combines the famous color reproduction of the brand with a clean design of the metal floor lamp. This unique lamp is capable of displaying 16 million different shades of color and white and can produce up to 800 lights with its removable bulb. With the Hue or HomeKit app, you can set brightness levels and colors, plus you can use this lamp with automations and scenes.

  • $ 180 on Amazon

  • $ 180 to Dell

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Santala's Smart LED desk lamp is a unique option that can shine up to 800 lumens, and doubles as a Qi wireless charger for iPhone. The lamp has four adjustable brightness levels, color temperature adjustment and is foldable for portability. Device-sensitive controls on the device, allow it to work without the need for an application or Siri, and of course it is available for automation, scenes and more.

$ 43 on Amazon

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Although LifeSmart’s Cololight Plus is not the brightest, because it is more for decorative, ambient lighting, its incredibly small size and modular design more than makes up for it. Each Cololight panel is able to display multiple colors simultaneously, which looks amazing when combined with preset patterns. Cololight Plus is also incredibly inexpensive, so you can buy the basic set that includes the important controller, and you can add panels as you go at an equally impressive price.

$ 25 on Amazon

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Philips Hue Bloom is famous for being one of the first lamps to bring biased lighting into the mainstream due to its unique, angular design. Its positioning is so that it throws its light on a wall making it perfect for placing behind a TV or where you want to draw attention to something. The scenes inside the Philips Hue app allow this lamp to also function as a standby light or reading lamp, making this extremely versatile lamp worth a look.

$ 60 on Amazon

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Philips Hue Go, as its name suggests, is capable of functioning as a stationary lamp or as a completely wireless portable lamp. A built-in charged battery fits perfectly into its bowl-like frame, keeping the lights on for up to three hours. Although not waterproof, this lamp can still be the life of any party due to its rich colors, welcoming design and its ability to emit up to 300 lumens of light.

  • $ 80 at Best Buy

  • $ 80 to Newegg

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The best HomeKit lamps combine the wonderful power of Apple's smart home platform with a simple plug and play form factor. These lamps can serve as mood switches, visual indicators or just simple light sources through automation and scenes. Siri is also there to turn the lighting on and off with just a shout, as well as to program the functionality, making things completely autonomous.

We love Flare Eve for its beautiful design and portability, making us look amazed as it shines with millions of cordless colors. This versatile lamp also has an IP65 degree of water resistance and lasts up to six hours on a single charge.

Are you looking for a decorative lamp that allows you to create your own design? Check out LifeSmart's Cololight Plus. This modular HomeKit lamp may not be the brightest, but it has an incredible edge-to-edge design that is able to display multiple colors simultaneously, and is modular so you can add as needed.

Need a more traditional desk lamp with extras? The Smart LED desk lamp from Santala brings an adjustable light to a complete stick lamp with a Qi wireless charger in its base. Whatever lamp you choose, you will live the wonderful HomeKit lifestyle in minutes thanks to their quick and easy installation process.

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