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The Best HomeKit Nightlights 2020 | immoral

The Best HomeKit Nightlights 2020 | immoral

The best
HomeKit Nightlights

The best HomeKit night lights combine paths and room lighting with modern home facilities. Whether you control the brightness levels of night light through Home or Siri or turn them on automatically with motion, these HomeKit accessories can do much more than their “stupid” counterparts. Check out the best of both worlds with our guide to the best HomeKit night lighting options around.

The Best HomeKit Nightlights 2020 | immoral

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Blackout Buddy Connect serves as a night light, flashlight, USB charger, motion sensor and portable battery, all in a single plug-in package. When the power goes out, the built-in light comes to life automatically, guiding you on your way to safety. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to keep tabs at home, notifying you of a power outage, even while you’re away.

  • $ 40 on Amazon

  • $ 32 at Walmart

The Best HomeKit Nightlights 2020 | immoral

LED light strips are very suitable right now, for children, teenagers and adults. If you have a child who resists the idea of ​​a “night light”, this is a perfect solution. It is multicolored, adjustable, adjustable and works with HomeKit and Siri, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You don’t even need a hub.

$ 37 on Amazon

The Best HomeKit Nightlights 2020 | immoral

As its name suggests, Arlo Baby is perfect for the nursery, with room sensors, night light and air quality always on. The night light supports tons of different colors and light levels, and Arlo Baby’s playful design is completely customizable through various changeable themes, such as a bunny. Completing the feature set is two-way sound and soothing sounds, which make it the best baby monitor.

$ 189 on Amazon

The Best HomeKit Nightlights 2020 | immoral

IDevices Wall Outlet is the best solution to add a night light around the house, without having to compromise on appearance. This smart socket is installed directly in the wall, replacing a traditional one, which allows it to integrate perfectly with your decor. Best of all, this socket has an LED light that works perfectly as a night light, complete with color selection through Home application.

$ 93 on Amazon

The Best HomeKit Nightlights 2020 | immoral

Eve Flare is a beautiful lamp that has complete fading and color capabilities, making it a fun option due to its unique design. The flare is fully portable with a built-in battery and is also weatherproof, which means you can bring your night light on your next camping trip. When used on the go, this lamp lasts up to six hours to charge and even has a handy handle that allows it to hang inside a tent.

  • $ 100 to Apple

  • $ 100 to Adorama

The Best HomeKit Nightlights 2020 | immoral

This tiny light displays 16 million different colors. Buy just one or buy a bunch and create beautiful, colorful and dynamic scenes in your home. Homekit support, affordable price and the ability to put them together make Cololight Plus a great way to create art with light.

$ 24 on Amazon

Guide lights

Night lights are an essential element in most homes, as they help shine a little light in a dark room or serve as a guide light for late night snacking. The best HomeKit night lights help these home helpers take it to the next level through personalization, convenience and control, all through an app or Siri. Eton Blackout Buddy Connect is one of our favorite night lights because it offers a rare combination of lighting, connectivity and safety, keeping the area lit and devices powered in an emergency.

Do you need a night light for the nursery? Then check out Arlo Baby. This playful partner checks all the essentials of the baby with an HD camera, a two-way sound, a temperature detection and, of course, a night light. Whatever option you choose, your home will have the subtle light you need, as well as HomeKit connectivity, which makes the darkness disappear with automation or color.

Want to create a work of art from light? Buy a bunch of LifeSmart Cololight Plus lights and create a colorful light scene. Or just buy one; it’s pretty cool in itself. See our LifeSmart Cololight Plus review to find out more.

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