The best HomeKit Power Strips 2020

Cupertino, August 30, 2020

The best
HomeKit power strips

Electric strips are essential for the household and with the best HomeKit electric strips, things are taken to the next level. Combining the utility and security of power strips with the magic of Siri, scenes, automation and, of course, the controls of the Home application, these smart options are one of the best HomeKit accessories you have at hand. We've put together all the best HomeKit power strips to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

The best HomeKit Power Strips 2020

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Eve Energy Strip takes the classic electric tape and combines it with a superb style. This aluminum frame strip is generously spaced between each socket, perfect for accommodating bulky plugs, and each socket works independently. Eva's power strip also has built-in overcurrent protection, overvoltage and overvoltage, keeping your devices safe and sound.

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VOCOlinc's PM2E power strip is packaged in three smart sockets and two USB ports, making it extremely versatile. Each socket is capable of handling up to 1800 watts, and USB ports can output 2.4 amps each, perfect for phones or tablets. This electrical strip has status LEDs on the device itself, which lets you know which sockets are turned on at a glance.

$ 40 on Amazon

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Koogeek's Smart Power Strip improves some of its competition by providing power monitoring capabilities for all three dashboards. In addition to the three smart sockets, this band includes three USB ports, two that are for lower power for iPhones and one with a higher output for an iPad. The Koogeek strip also has handy LED indicators, separate power buttons and ample space.

  • $ 46 at Walmart

  • $ 98 at Newegg

The best HomeKit Power Strips 2020

The Incipio CommandKit smart style connects directly to your home network via Wi-Fi, without the need for an additional hub. Each socket works separately through Siri or the Home app, and you can also turn it on and off using the controls on your device. This power strip also has a flat end plug, which makes it able to fit in tight spaces.

$ 100 to Lowes

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PMOC from VOCOlinc looks almost identical to its cheaper cousin, but this band has an additional USB port. This additional USB port is special because it can deliver Quick Charge 3.0 to devices that support the standard. PM2 also includes energy monitoring via the VOCOlinc application, but this only applies to a single specific outlet.

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The Meross Outdoor Smart WiFi plug brings the convenience of outdoor power strips with two weatherproof sockets. Each socket can be controlled individually via the Siri and Home application and, because it connects to the home network via Wi-Fi, has a wide range, easily illuminating areas outside the house throughout the year.

$ 34 on Amazon


The best HomeKit power strips offer the best convenience, utility and protection, all in a compact and familiar package. Once configured with HomeKit, these power strips can work with your favorite scenes and automation, which makes things come to life or shut down with just one tap.

Eve Energy Strip offers all the smart goodies for the HomeKit house, with a simply beautiful design. However, don't let his appearance fool you. This power strip contains a lot of safety features, such as overvoltage, overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

Need a power strip that has lots of USB ports and fast charging functions? Then VOCOlinc PM2E could be the one for you. This smart band covers all the basics and includes those precious QC 3.0 ports, perfect as a nightstand companion.

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