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The best HomeKit sensors for air quality in 2020

The best HomeKit sensors for air quality in 2020

The best
HomeKit quality sensors

Air quality monitors are a great way to keep track of what’s floating in your home, and the best HomeKit air quality sensors add convenient voice controls and automation. If the air in your home starts to turn bad, HomeKit can come to the rescue by powering a smart connector with an air purifier attached or sending a notification to get your attention. Here is our guide to the best HomeKit quality sensors.

The best HomeKit sensors for air quality in 2020

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The Eve’s Room 2 indoor air quality monitor has a sharp industrial design, complete with an LCD screen. This portable monitor lasts up to six months on a single charge, allowing you to pick it up and place it in the various rooms in your home. This beautiful monitor also includes temperature and humidity sensors, as well as integrated Bluetooth, which allows direct connection to the HomeKit without the need for a hub.

The best HomeKit sensors for air quality in 2020

Kaiterra Laser Egg + CO2 is the latest in the company’s line of home air quality sensors HomeKit, which includes support for measuring fine dust and CO2 PM2.5 levels. This monitor provides a handy display on your device that reports the status of your home in an easy-to-see view. The Egg Laser also supports humidity and temperature sensors, as well as a built-in charged battery, capable of lasting up to 8 hours on charging.

$ 199 on Amazon

The best HomeKit sensors for air quality in 2020

Koogeek’s A1 air quality monitor packs a ton of features all in one portable, compact, compact device. This monitor can measure fine dust particles, PM 2.5 and PM10 particles in your air in real time, with a built-in fan that draws air into the device. The Koogeek sensor also provides temperature and humidity sensors, which, along with air quality measurements, are kept in a log in their app to track trends and historical tracking.

$ 70 on Amazon

The best HomeKit sensors for air quality in 2020

VOCOlinc PureFlow can be expensive, but it is the only HomeKit compatible air purifier on the market and is loaded with supplements. This purifier monitors the air in your home and can automatically increase the fan speed to clean things quickly if the quality drops. The VOCOlinc purifier also monitors temperature and humidity and puts all measurements at a glance, thanks to its large display on the device.

$ 400 to VOCOlinc

The best HomeKit sensors for air quality in 2020

The Netatmo smart weather station is the only HomeKit air quality sensor that can monitor indoor and outdoor air quality. This two-piece set includes an indoor module that tracks CO2, temperature and humidity, and an outdoor weather-resistant monitor that gives you a truly local weather report. If that wasn’t enough, this set can measure sound levels with a built-in microphone and air pressure, as it acts as a barometer.

  • $ 160 on Amazon

  • $ 217 at Walmart

The best HomeKit sensors for air quality in 2020

The first OneLink Safe and Sound Alert may look like a regular smoke and CO detector, but it has an AirPlay 2 compatible speaker on board for all home audio. Of course, this monitor also includes smoke and CO detection, with a built-in alarm and both are able to send notifications on iOS devices when something is inconvenient. The First Alert detector also has a built-in rechargeable battery, protecting your home even when powering on and even Alexa.

  • $ 196 on Amazon

  • $ 235 at Walmart

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HomeKit air quality monitors are the quiet protections of your home, quietly measuring for dust, pollen, VOC, CO and more. Once the device is set up, they can work with other HomeKit accessories, such as smart plugs that can turn on an air purifier if the air in your home becomes a problem. Siri support allows you to make a quick report, with Siri able to respond with easy-to-understand answers, such as “good” or “bad.”

We love Eve Room 2 for its beautiful design and portability. This great monitor also includes an LCD screen, with customization options to make the measurement that matters most to you in the foreground.

If you are looking for a lower cost solution for your home, check out the original Koogeek A1 air quality monitor. This portable device offers the same set of sensors, minus the display, all for almost half the price. Do you need an air quality sensor that works both indoors and outdoors? Then the Netatmo weather station is for you. This healthy aid accepts air quality, humidity and CO2, in addition it gives you a local temperature report when placed outside the house.

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