The best HomeKit Smart Blinds 2020

Cupertino, October 16, 2020

The best
HomeKit smart blinds

The best HomeKit smart blinds offer smart comfort with Siri and Home controls. With a shout or a touch, these HomeKit accessories can give you privacy on demand, plus by automation, they can open or close even at sunrise or sunset. Whether you need a new set of blinds or want to add HomeKit to an existing set, the best HomeKit blinds will add smart magic to your home.

The best HomeKit Smart Blinds 2020

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IKEA FYRTUR Blackout blinds are available in sizes ranging from 23-inches to 48-inches wide, each of which can cover windows up to 76-inches high. FYRTUR blinds are easy to install with a rechargeable battery that provides the juice for several months between charges. These smart blinds work with a small wireless remote control, but connecting these blinds to the HomeKit requires the IKAD TRADFRI gateway, so make sure you choose one if you plan to install them in your home.

From $ 129 at Ikea

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Serena Smart Shades are part of the Lutron Wireless Box line, our recommendation for HomeKit light switches because they are ultra-responsive and reliable. Serena Shades are custom custom blinds, tailored to the exact measurements you offer and are available in a variety of styles, such as honeycomb cell blinds, wood blinds and blinds. Just make sure you have a Smart Bridge Wireless Box in your home if you want intelligence.

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Smart shades 2 from SOMA are the perfect accessories to complete if you already have a set of chain or cord blinds at home. This small wireless motor sticks to the wall next to your windows, and for setup, all you have to do is insert the chain or cable for the existing blinds. While displayed as a "non-certified accessory" in the Home application, the SOMA Connect hub pairs directly through the Home application and works just like any other HomeKit device once configured.

$ 119 in SUM

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Like the SOMA Smart Shades 2, the SOMA Tilt is an extra compact wireless device, but instead of chains and loops, it works with blinds that use a rod for adjustments. Once turned on, SOMA Tilt can open your blinds completely or in small steps that bring only the right amount of light. In addition to working with HomeKit as an "uncertified accessory", the SOMA line works with Alexa Amazon and Google Assistant. However, for magic to happen, you need a SOMA Connect hub.

$ 119 in SUM

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The Hunter Douglas PowerView series offers some truly unique options, including Roman shades and roller shades, in addition to basics like wood and cell blinds. Because there are so many colors, styles, and finishes available, these blinds are for custom ordering only and require accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Like all other smart options, the HomeKit and Siri commands require a separate hub, which is the second generation of Hunter's PowerView hub.

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Hey Siri, close the blinds!

Although they can be expensive and hard to find, the best Smart HomeKit blinds are one of our favorite ways to add comfort to your home. HomeKit blinds offer remote controls through the Home and Siri app, and with the power of automation and scenes, you can incorporate them into your morning routines or movie night scene.

Are you looking for a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for Windows? Then check the IKEA FYRTUR roller blinds line. These affordable wireless blinds are available in different sizes and work with TRADFRI Gateway to bring them into the HomeKit. FYRTUR blinds even come with a handy remote control for more comfort.

If you are happy with your current blinds and want to add those sweet HomeKit capabilities, then go with SOMA Smart Shades 2 or SOMA Tilt. These additional devices work with chains, cords and tiltable blinds with beads and are extremely easy to install. SOMA options run on either battery or solar power, which means you don't have to worry about preventing an unsightly cable.

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