The best iPad wall mounts for 2020

Cupertino, March 9, 2020

The best
IPad wall mounts

If you haven't already thought about adding an iPad wall bracket to your home, you're missing a convenient hands-free solution for a variety of different activities, plus it can give older iPads a new lease on life. Try a new recipe in the kitchen without getting your iPad dirty or use it as a smart homeKit hub, giving everyone access to high-traffic controls. Here are some of our favorites to help you get started.

The best iPad wall mounts for 2020

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The Elago Home Hub Mount is shaped like a two-piece system that allows it to fit any iPad size. Each track extends farther than the iPad, creating bump protection and gives you plenty of freedom to hide the power cord behind it. This mount also has three different colors that help it blend in with your iPad and home decor.

$ 20 at Amazon

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This affordable option uses magnets to secure your iPad to the wall. Simply paste the thin piece of magnet onto the back of your iPad and attach the largest piece to your wall using the included double-sided tape and you're ready to go. The magnet also allows your iPad to stick to other surfaces, such as refrigerators or furniture.

$ 14 on Amazon

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The AboveTEK iPad wall mount features a rotating clip design, which works with the full range of iPads available, as well as many other tablets. This mounting does not sit with the wall, giving it extra flexibility, such as the inclination that can give you the perfect angle. The 360-degree clip also allows you to use your iPad both in portrait and landscape orientation, without having to take it down.

$ 30 on Amazon

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This beautiful mount for your iPad actually works as much as a sheet metal, either on the wall. Available in three different finishes, this amazing design can match almost any home decor. As it is designed for iPads, the front side is exposed, giving you full access to the touch screen, and when not in use, it also works as a digital photo frame.

$ 69 on Amazon

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IPort LAUNCH WallStation is the ideal support for the iPad because it combines flexibility and convenience. This system allows you to remove your iPad at any time through a magnetic base. When you are ready to place it on the wall, it will lock in place and charge your iPad via wireless charging. Just keep in mind that you will need to purchase a separate iPad-specific sleeve to make it all work.

$ 145 on Amazon

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If you want a mount that fits in with your walls, then iPad Home Media Systems support is at the same time. This mount is installed inside your wall, allowing the face of your iPad to stand evenly with its surroundings. A clean white frame sits around it, giving it a truly personalized look.

$ 33 on Amazon

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Mounting an iPad on a wall is a great way to add some comfort in areas such as the kitchen, and these can serve as the ultimate smart home control center. Use the Siri handsfree, iPad Split View or home control applications such as HomeCam, Wallflower or the built-in Home app.

For a permanent wall mount solution, the elago Home Hub is a fantastic, easy-to-install option that fits any iPad size around. This two-piece coin-operated coin also offers a variety of colors and even comes with a handy accessory to wrap your power cord.

Need some flexibility with your iPad? Then consider the AboveTEK iPad wall bracket. This mount can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to use it both in landscape and portrait orientation, and can also tilt to provide more access and visibility. good.

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