The best LED bulbs of 2020

Cupertino, July 29, 2020

Cree Lighting Bright white light bulb in a daytime setting

Source: Amazon

The best
LED bulbs

Switching to LED bulbs may seem like an expensive proposition in advance. However, they will offset this cost over time. The savings are in the form of lower power consumption, with an equivalent 40 watt LED bulb using only 10 watts or less. LED bulbs can also provide features such as darkening and motion detection, so you can put them anywhere. Cree's bright white LED bulbs pack your fist pretty well with their unmatched combination of brightness and lifespan. We have gathered all the best LED bulbs around to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Best Overall: Bright white light bulb

Cree Lighting Bright white lamp used in a daytime setting

Source: Amazon

Cree's bright white LED bulbs focus on delivering high levels of performance unmatched by other manufacturers. Rated at 1,000 lumens, these bulbs can illuminate the darkest of areas, consuming only 12 watts of power, a cry away from the 75-watt equivalent bulbs they replace.

Cree bulbs are also reduced for those situations where the lighting can set the mood or when used at night. Unlike many other bulbs on the market, the Cree line is suitable for fully enclosed bodies. Keep the purchase process simple, eliminating the need to worry about buying specific light bulbs around the house.

Best of all, Cree's bulbs are made to stand the test of time, offering an amazing life expectancy of 22 years. If that wasn't enough, Cree includes a 10-year limited warranty with their bulbs, ensuring that your investment to switch to LED will pay off in the long run.


  • 10 year warranty
  • Life expectancy of 22 years
  • Dimmable


  • Expensive
  • Not rated for outdoor use
  • Dimmer compatibility is not guaranteed

Best Overall

1596049057 776 The best LED bulbs of 2020

Bec Cree Bright White Light

Built to last

Cree bulbs are designed for long transport, with a fantastic life expectancy of 22 years and are suitable for use in closed bodies.

Best value: AmazonBasics 60W-24-Pack 24-Dimmaterial Packaging

Amazonbasics non-printable LED lamp in a kitchen setting

Source: Amazon

The AmazonBasics line is synonymous with cost-effective solutions for everyday essentials, and their LED bulbs offer just that. These low-cost light bulbs are not smooth when it comes to brightness, their 60-watt equivalents providing 800 lumens output.

Despite their low cost, Amazon bulbs have a life expectancy of nine years or 10,000 hours. Even though these bulbs cannot be reduced, they also offer other high quality functions, such as instant LED technology. This allows them to light your rooms without delay.


  • Low price
  • High lumen power
  • Instant on


  • It cannot be diminished
  • Not available in California

Best Price

1596049059 301 The best LED bulbs of 2020

Packing 24-dimmable AmazonBasics 60W-pack 24


AmazonBasics LED bulbs offer an instant bright light at an affordable price. This package of 24 can cover the needs of most homes.

Best for sleep: GE Relax HD Dimmable LED Bulb

60W LED Relax LED bulb in a bedroom frame

Source: GE

The LED Relax HD LED bulb line specializes in providing softer lighting for use in areas such as bedrooms. The milder color temperature means that these bulbs will produce more yellow light than the white or blue that comes with daytime running bulbs.

As its name suggests, the GE relaxation series strives to help reduce blue light, which has been seen as a disruptive to sleeping patterns through this softer yellow light. GE bulbs also work with dimmer switches and even work in humid locations if you wish.


  • Adjusted for bedroom use
  • Dimmable
  • Can be used in humid locations


  • High contrast
  • Not ideal for air lighting
  • Damping compatibility is not guaranteed

Best for sleep

1596049061 701 The best LED bulbs of 2020

Light bulb size GE Relax HD

Lighten up

GE Relax Dimmable bulbs provide softer lighting with less blue light than others, making them great for bedside lamps.

Best Dimming: Philips Dimmable with Warm Glow

Philips Warm Glow warm light bulb color temperatures

Source: Philips

The Philips Dimmable LED bulb line is renowned for its compatibility with a wide variety of dimmer switches. True compatibility with most dimmers ensures that your new LED light bulbs will work without loud or bright noises. This side effect is unfortunately common with some light bulbs at a lower price.

These bulbs also promise instant connection capability, which means they will respond with maximum brightness as soon as the paired light switch comes on. Philips also includes their “Warm Glow” brightness effect with their line of LEDs that can adjust the color temperature of the light that is emitted to a softer shade of yellow as it gets dark.


  • The best dark compatibility
  • The Wow Glow effect
  • Instant on


  • It is not used in closed bodies
  • The temperature cannot be adjusted
  • Damping performance is not guaranteed

Best Dimming

1596049063 860 The best LED bulbs of 2020

Philips Dimmable with Warm Glow

High compatibility

Philips dimmable bulbs are compatible with most dimmers, and Smart Glow technology changes the temperature level based on temperature.

The best filament style: Sylvania 74589 filament bulb

Sylvania Bulb inside pendant lights

Source: Amazon

The Sylvania 74589 filament LED bulb brings modern energy-saving technology in the classic style of light bulbs.
Sylvania's filament-style bulbs provide up to 800 lumens of light, which is the equivalent of a 60-watt incandescent bulb, all using only 6.5 watts of power.

Even though filament-style bulbs are usually installed in clear bodies, which shows their simplistic beauty, the Sylvania offer can also work outdoors, if desired. Unlike the traditional filament bulb, the Sylvania 74589 bulb is compatible with dimmer switches, allowing owners to determine the perfect light level for the moment.


  • Design
  • Dimmable
  • Can be used outdoors


  • Expensive
  • Glass construction
  • Best suited for clear speakers

The best filament style

The best LED bulbs of 2020

Sylvania 74589 Filament bulb

Vintage charm

The Sylvania dimmable filament bulb combines energy savings with traditional design, perfect for adding visual charm to any space.

Best for Outdoor: Govee Motion Sensor Bulb

Bulb with Govee motion sensor

Source: Govee

Govee motion sensor LED bulbs are manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use. These bulbs only go beyond the light supply, as they include both safety and comfort features, while maintaining a price point similar to premium LED lights.

The built-in motion sensor allows these bulbs to act in the same way as traditional floor lamps that many have around the house. This can help you light your front porch at night and keep intruders out of the way. Govee bulbs also include a daylight sensor, which allows them to turn on automatically at dusk and stop again at dawn.


  • Day sensor
  • Motion detection
  • Outdoor prices


  • Expensive
  • Cannot configure
  • Strange design

Best for the outdoors

1596049066 716 The best LED bulbs of 2020

Bulb with Govee motion sensor

The most convenient

Govee motion sensor bulbs are a convenient way to illuminate the outside with built-in motion and daylight detection.

Light things up

LED bulbs are the best and easiest way to reduce energy consumption and save a little extra money. Despite the higher initial cost of input, LED bulbs offer substantially reduced power consumption. In addition, they can last much longer, which means that your investment will pay off in just a few years.

We love Cree's bright white line of LED bulbs for their amazing 22-year quality of life and 10-year warranty. These bulbs can illuminate any space with a brightness of 1000 lights, and can be stretched to suit any occasion. Cree's bulbs drink energy even compared to their traditional counterparts, reducing power consumption by 63 watts compared to an equivalent 75-watt bulb.

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