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The best NFC tags for iPhone in 2020

The best NFC tags for iPhone in 2020

The best
NFC tags for iPhone

NFC tags are a convenient way to add a little automated magic to almost anywhere. Regardless of whether it’s stickers, keychains, books or cardboard, these labels can start your day with HomeKit, turn on some songs, or run that extremely complicated shortcut. Here are some of our favorite labels to help you get started.

The best NFC tags for iPhone in 2020

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The Timeskey NTAG 215 NFC stickers work just as their names suggest, peel and paste. These small 1-inch labels are about a quarter the size of and can easily mix in their surroundings, such as walls or cutouts for quick scans when you walk out the door.

  • $ 10 on Amazon

  • $ 13 from Newegg

The best NFC tags for iPhone in 2020

GoToTags adhesive tokens are solid plastic NFC tags with a hollow center that allow them to be anchored to surfaces with a screw. These heavy labels also work when placed directly on the metal, which is what a lot of labels face.

  • $ 16 on Amazon

  • $ 38 at Walmart

The best NFC tags for iPhone in 2020

Crystal Cube NFC tags are a colorful, hexagonal alternative to standard round options. This impressive looking set includes nine thin sticker labels, in 3 colors, blue, red and green.

$ 18 on Amazon

The best NFC tags for iPhone in 2020

NFC Stickstand labels include a handy wireless symbol and “NFC” printed directly on them, which can notify its presence. This makes these tags perfect for sharing a Wi-Fi password or as a way to launch a webpage for directions and information in a public space.

$ 10 on Amazon

The best NFC tags for iPhone in 2020

GoToTag’s NFC badges are a unique, customizable option with a large blank slate. You can write directly on these badges with a marker or you can use other stickers to dress them for easy organization. Because they are badges, you can also attach them to a ditch or ring for quick and easy access.

$ 15 on Amazon

The best NFC tags for iPhone in 2020

These convenient labels come in a sturdy plastic frame with a key ring, perfect for moving scanning. This seven-piece set comes with multi-colored labels, making it easy to identify the right label for a specific task, such as opening the garage door.

$ 12 on Amazon

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If you have one of the latest Apple iPhone, then you are just an NFC tag away from the convenience of the tap and access. iPhone XR / XS and later can write to NFC tags using the Shortcuts app and scan them in the background. iPhone 7 through iPhone X works with third-party applications and needs to be open for NFC tag scanning to work.

Timeskey NTAG 215 NFC stickers are an easy and affordable way to roll the ball. These tiny labels stick to most surfaces, such as desks, nightstands or even on a wall, making them ideal for most automation tasks.

Are you looking for a bigger solution that offers a lot of customization potential? Then check the GoToTags NTAG 213 NFC badges. These larger NFC tags are completely blank; you can dress it with instructions, pictures or whatever you can come and it even attaches to a wool, so that you can “badge” yourself in the HomeKit house easily.

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