The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

Cupertino, March 30, 2020

The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

The best
Robotic window cleaners

Setting up a robotic cleaner is a great way to keep your glass clean, without the hassle of scales and scrapes. If a robot does the job for you, not only does it free you to do more essential things in life, but it also keeps things safe for those who may not have easy access to their windows. Hobot 298 is the latest robotic cleaning robot because it uses artificial intelligence to determine the best way to clean and has an ultrasonic water spray system to make sure your windows glow. We have put together all the best robotic window cleaners to help you choose the best one for your needs.

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Hobot 298, a robotic cleaning product, full of powerful and convenient features. This cleaning product uses artificial intelligence to determine the most efficient route and keeps track of the areas it has cleaned, allowing it to stop when the work is completed. Laser frame detection prevents the cleaning product from crossing another window or surface, and a fall prevention algorithm keeps your investment safe and sound.

When it comes to cleaning, the Hobot 298 has a built-in reservoir that uses ultrasound technology to distribute its contents in a dense fog. The liquid reservoir is easily visible at any time, and its application is combined with a microfiber cleaning cloth that grinds and dries windows to provide a gloss-free glow.

Hobot 298 has three automatic cleaning modes, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for those who want absolute control over where their robot is located and when to spray the cleaning solution. Ideally, if the spray nozzles are clogged at any time, the entire assembly can be replaced by removing a single screw, ensuring that this cleaning product will be around for long traction.


  • A.I. cleaning
  • Application control
  • Ultrasonic spray system


  • Expensive
  • It is not wireless
  • Voluminous design

Best Overall

The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

Hobot 298

Smarter not harder

Hobot 298 combines artificial intelligence, built-in water tank and application connectivity into one cleaning device that will keep your windows clean.

Best value: Fegrui R-C901

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Fegrui R-C091 is one of the smallest robotic window cleaners around. Despite the low price, the R-C901 comes with everything you need, including six replaceable cleaning cloths and a spray bottle that allows you to choose the type of cleaner you need for the job.

Also, Fegrui equipped its robotic window cleaner with tons of suction power, equal to 4.6 kg, which keeps the investment safe and hangs on the glass. Although it does not include a smart application, an IR-based remote control offers additional control options, which can be useful if a particular location needs additional attention.


  • Low cost
  • Replacement sets
  • Accessories included


  • No application connectivity
  • Rounded design
  • Just three patterns

Best Price

1585596741 700 The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

Fregrui R-C901


The R-C901 is a low-cost alternative that has replaceable cleaning plates and is easy to configure and control with the included IR remote control.

Best convenience: Ecovacs Winbot X

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Ecovacs Winbot X is the only robotic cleaning device on the market that is powered only by a built-in rechargeable battery included. This cordless design makes setting up the cleaner quicker and easier, without the need to worry about cables, making it a perfect choice for those looking for maximum comfort. Although this makes Winbot X "wireless", however, a safety link is needed that will prevent the unit from going too far and help keep it safe from falling.

Because Winbot X is battery-based, the cleaning appliance uses artificial intelligence to identify the best possible route for your windows and will automatically return to its original position when you are done. This wireless power station also works on a variety of surfaces, including offset windows, making it one of the most versatile options around.


  • Wireless
  • Automatic recovery
  • Clean most surfaces


  • Expensive
  • IR remote control
  • Needs connection

The best convenience

1585596742 14 The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

Ecovacs Winbot X

Break the link

Winbot X is the only cleaning product on the market, powered by an internal rechargeable battery, making it easy to get up and running smoothly.

Best design: Mamibot W120

1585596743 518 The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

Mamibot W120 is a robotic window cleaner that emphasizes design and portability. This compact cleaning product has a slim 8.5 cm profile, which can be useful in tight spaces and comes in a durable package, which Mamibot says should last at least five years for residential cleaning.

Only a single button and a handle are on the front of the Mammoth, keeping things simple for users to get up and operate right out of the box. Even with this simplistic design, the Mamibot W120 manages to include a few well-thought-out features, such as an internal backup battery, that will allow the unit to keep running for several minutes, even if it is accidentally disconnected.


  • Compact design
  • Replacement battery
  • Application connectivity


  • Just two ways of cleaning
  • No water tank
  • Property plates

The best design

1585596743 601 The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

Mamibot W120

Clean design, basic cleaning

The W120 has a clean, compact design, with no buttons or confusing buttons. A backup battery ensures your investment in safety if the cable disconnects.

Best eco-friend: Gladwell Gecko

1585596744 373 The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

The Gecko robotic cleaning system is a low-cost option that offers some high-quality features. Smart App connectivity allows you to take over the quality control of the unit at any time, reducing cleaning time and making sure that every part of your window shines.

Gecko from Gladwell also uses eco-friendly cleaning pads that are reusable, keeping them out of the landfill. These large microfiber cloths work in combination with three cleaning modes and a self-applied cleaning solution that allows you to customize the process to your needs and help you extend the life of the plates.


  • Application connectivity
  • Low price
  • Reusable pads


  • Round design
  • No water tank
  • It's not wireless

Best ecological friendship

1585596744 899 The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

Gladwell Gecko

Low price, great features

Gecko from Gladwell is reasonably priced, but does not run out of features. Application controls and notifications keep you connected and constantly monitored.

Best Touch: ElfBot Robot Cleaner Cleaner

1585596745 584 The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

The ElfBot Robot window cleaner is a powerful assistant, which can reach places that others cannot thank due to its 16 meter power cord. Longer cable also means that works with larger windows will generally require less effort, as they do not have to change their position.

Even though ElfBot uses special square cleaning pads, they are surprisingly cheap to replace at around $ 10. These large, replaceable plates use a square design that is perfect for corners, allowing them to clean up those unpleasant areas, which are often cleaned by circular shaped cleaners.


  • Cheap stamps
  • Square cleaning kits
  • Power cord of 16.4 m


  • Does not accept all frames
  • The process of configuration is cumbersome
  • Batteries not included

Best Reach

1585596745 733 The best robotic window cleaners of 2020

ElfBot Robot Cleaner Cleaner

King of the Ropes

ElfBot uses low cost replaceable pads and has one of the longest power cables around, which helps it reach places where others cannot reach.

Beat the Streak

Robotic window cleaners bring comfort to a whole new level, helping you to escape the ladder, glass and towels. Most importantly, these robot aids can reach areas that would typically require specialists or extended security arrangements, barring them all from their path.

If you are in the market for a robotic window cleaning product that offers all the best that these devices have to offer, then the Hobot 298 is the right one for you. This robot has artificial intelligence and a built-in water tank that lets you it automatically sprays the cleaner of your choice, making sure your windows shine as quickly as possible. Best of all, the Bluetooth connectivity of the Hobot app will let you know when the job is completed with notifications, allowing you to truly set it and forget it.

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