The best smart outdoor plugs HomeKit 2020

Cupertino, November 2, 2020

The best
HomeKit smart outdoor plugs

The best HomeKit smart outdoor plugs allow you to control outdoor lights, power tools and festive decor more accessible through the Home and Siri app. In addition, with scenes and automations that incorporate other HomeKit accessories, the lights can turn on automatically at sunset or go out at sunrise. Here's our guide to the best HomeKit outdoor smart plugs that bring smart outdoor items.

The best smart outdoor plugs HomeKit 2020

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The affordable Meross outdoor smart plug includes two smart plugs, each operating independently of each other. This advantage means that you get two sockets added to the Home application, so you can assign one to the holiday lights and another to an inflatable in the yard. Dust and weather resistance IP44, plus a fireproof housing, keeps it safe all year round.

$ 26 on Amazon

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If you need outdoor power in a confined space, then you need iHome ISP100 Outdoor Smart Plug. This outdoor plug is the thinnest around, measuring just under 2 inches wide with a 6-inch power cord. The iHome plug provides a lot of power with a single smart socket capable of handling up to 1,800 watts.

$ 65 on Amazon

The best smart outdoor plugs HomeKit 2020

Belkin's smart outdoor Wemo Wi-Fi connector packs two sockets connected together into one simple control. In addition to HomeKit, this plug works with Wemo, Alexa Amazon and the Google Assistant. Through the Wemo app, you can set the exterior lights to turn on randomly every day, in case someone throws you the place.

The best smart outdoor plugs HomeKit 2020

IDevices Outdoor Switch is the only HomeKit solution on the market with power monitoring capabilities. Energy monitoring allows you to track how much outdoor decorations or electrical chargers consume in real time, as well as through historical graphs and real cost calculations.

$ 50 for iDevices

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The best HomeKit smart outdoor plugs are a great and convenient way to manage all your essential outdoor devices. Whether it's automating the lights to turn them on and off during the holiday season or making sure your outdoor electric tools are always ready for the next day of work, these plugs bring it all in the palm of your hand. .

The Meross smart outdoor socket combines weather resistance, two independently controlled sockets and an affordable price in one compact package, making it our top choice. This smart Wi-Fi plug is ready to come out of the box immediately with the Home app, just scan the pairing code and you'll be on your way to automating your lights and decor in minutes.

Need an outdoor outlet that works with Alexa Amazon and Google Assistant in addition to HomeKit? Then the Wemo Outdoor WiFi Smart Plug is for you. The Wemo outdoor plug has two sockets that work together through the Wemo application, available on both iOS and Android, perfect for homes where not everyone is in the Apple and HomeKit team. .

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