The best smart power bands of 2020

Cupertino, June 15, 2020

Eve Energy Strip on a desk

Source: Eva

The best
Smart power strips

A smart Wi-Fi band allows you to control, monitor and manage your devices anytime, anywhere. Most smart Wi-Fi bands also include built-in surge protection to ensure your electronic safety. The APC Smart Plug overload protector combines intelligent home control with power protection legend. This is our favorite choice, but we've put together all the best smart tapes to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

Best overall: APC Smart Plug Surge Protector

APC PH6U4X32 in a day frame

Source: APC

The APC smart socket surge protector combines state-of-the-art electrical protection with the convenience of a smart output control. APC takes protection seriously and protects overvoltage protection with an equipment protection policy that will reimburse customers for any losses. It also offers a lifetime warranty.

While the APC Smart Plug Surge Protector is only compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice control, it can work with both iOS and Android via the APC Home App. This protector includes a number of six sockets, three of which are smart, and the status indicator LEDs provide additional peace of mind when it comes to protecting your devices.

To fix things, the APC Smart Plug Surge Protector includes four USB ports, which adds a little extra comfort. This helps reduce the number of bulky load blocks you can have, making it perfect under a desk or nightstand.


  • Six total outlets
  • Four USB ports
  • Protection policy
  • Works with iOS and Android through the app


  • Only three smart outlets
  • Voluminous design
  • Works for voice control only

Best Overall

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Surge protector with APC smart plug

True overvoltage protection

The APC strip works to keep your equipment safe. Three smart sockets, three normal sockets and four USB ports make it an excellent choice.

Best compatibility: VOCOlinc smart power strip

Vocolinc PM2 smart power strip

Source: Vocolinc

The Smart Power Strip from VOCOlinc is an excellent value for those looking for a power strip compatible with all major smart home platforms. In addition to three smart sockets, the VOCOLinc Smart Power Strip includes two USB ports to host devices such as your phone or tablet.

The power strip also provides power monitoring to help you reduce your electricity bill, and doesn't require a special hub to pair with your existing smart devices. The VOCOLinc offer also offers surge protection to protect your devices against any electrical problems that may occur.


  • Low cost
  • Accepts HomeKit / Alexa / Google Assistant
  • Two USB ports
  • No hub required
  • Energy monitoring


  • Only three outlets
  • There are no controls for outlets on the device
  • There are no specifications for overvoltage protection

The best compatibility

1592249206 933 The best smart power bands of 2020

VOCOlinc smart power strip

It is compatible

The VOCOlinc electric strip is extremely capable for its price. Three sockets and two USB ports make it the perfect companion for bedside tables.

Best for HomeKit: Eve Energy Strip

Eve Energy Strip used on a desk

Source: Eva

Eve Energy Strip offers an elegant and modern take on the traditional electric band. A silver and black aluminum frame, with its three sockets, makes the energy band stand out from the competition and is something you may not want to hide under the desk. Each of the Eve Energy Strip stores works independently of each other through the iOS Home app, the Eve app for HomeKit, Siri and with the physical buttons of the device itself.

Thoughtful touches, such as generous 90-degree spaced outlets, worry about mounting bulky adapters in the past. Gentle LED lights will not illuminate your space at night, and a child lock prevents unwanted cases where a socket is accidentally closed. Eve Energy Strip can also be set to randomly turn on and off each outlet to simulate presence in the house, even while you are outside.


  • Each socket works independently
  • The quality of design and construction is first class
  • Provides overvoltage, overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Child lock


  • Expensive
  • Works only with HomeKit
  • Only three outlets are available

Best for HomeKit

1592249208 801 The best smart power bands of 2020

Eve Energy Band

Beauty and brain

The Eve strip comes in an aluminum frame that will surely last for years. Certified protection ensures that your equipment will be safe.

Best number of attachment points: Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip on a desk

Source: TP-Link

Trip-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip offers six smart plugs and three USB ports, allowing it to manage as many devices as you can throw away. Each socket can be controlled individually via Alexa or Google Assistant, via the TP-Link application, or even by pressing a conveniently located button.

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip also includes power monitoring and scheduling options to help you reduce your costs. A flat socket at the end of the power strip allows perfect placement behind the furniture and follows a traditional power strip design making it engage in your space without screaming the smart device. Unfortunately, there are only small gaps between sockets, which could make it difficult to connect devices.


  • Six smart outlets
  • Three USB ports
  • No hub required
  • Planning and monitoring options


  • Does not work with HomeKit
  • 3 meter short cord
  • Small space between sockets

The best number of outlets

1592249209 205 The best smart power bands of 2020

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip

He controls everything

This belt has six smart sockets that allow supreme control. Overvoltage protection and energy monitoring make it a solid choice.

Best value: Linganzh Smart Power Strip

LINGANZH Smart Power Strip

Source: Amazon

Linganzh's Smart Power Strip is an affordable option for those looking for just the basics of smart control. Even with lower costs, this tape offers four sockets that work independently, as well as basic overvoltage protection.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to set up the Linganzh Smart Power Strip in minutes without the need for a smart home hub. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are all supported by the electric device, which makes it a smart, future option. However, because you pay less, you will have to miss the USB ports.


  • Low cost
  • Alexa, Google and IFTTT support
  • Hubless connectivity


  • No guarantee of overvoltage protection
  • There are no USB ports
  • Non-flat plug head

Best Price

1592249211 655 The best smart power bands of 2020

Linganzh Smart Power Strip


This low-cost electrical strip covers all the basics. Overvoltage protection and four smart sockets make it suitable for most tasks.

The best outdoor power strip: smart outdoor JACKYLED socket

JACKYLED Outdoor Power Strip installed outdoors

Source: Amazon

The JACKYLED Smart Outdoor Outlet is the best choice to make your outdoor lights or decorations smart and safe. This power strip offers a total of three smart plugs and a power button on the device, allowing for optimal comfort for your outdoor equipment.

This outdoor power strip also supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, which you can use to enable voice control and powerful automation. The best thing is ETL certified safety and has an IP55 rating when it comes to water and dust resistance, providing peace of mind for devices that are not always in sight.


  • Outdoor certificate
  • Supports Alexa, Google, IFTTT
  • Offers three smart outdoor outlets
  • Degree of water and dust resistance IP55


  • Limited space for devices
  • Short power cord
  • Does not support HomeKit

The best outdoor power strip

1592249213 694 The best smart power bands of 2020

JACKYLED Smart outdoor outlet

For all things outdoors

The JACKYLED tape adds remote control to your external devices. This compact unit is resistant to water, dust and fire.

Connect them

Smart power strips offer both comfort and functionality in a single, easy-to-use package. Added functionality, such as power monitoring, helps determine which devices lower your precious power and are managed remotely with a tap or voice. Surge protection is also included in most smart power strips, making them an essential item for those connecting an invaluable machine.

If you are in the market for an electrical strip that has a solid, durable design with smart capabilities and protection, we recommend the APC Smart Plug surge protector. This power strip includes the protection policy of the APC device and offers small things, such as handy USB ports, that make it stand out from the rest.

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