The best Smart TV keyboards of 2020

Cupertino, July 20, 2020

Logitech K600 TV keyboard

Source: Logitech

The best
Smart TV keyboards

In the age of modern television, almost every set on the market now includes smart features. Smart TV keyboards can help navigate lists by scrolling naturally on a trackpad and the physical keys assigned to each letter of the alphabet. The Logitech K600 TV keyboard is a comfortable, familiar and easily accessible keyboard that highlights the browsing experience. We've put together all the best smart TV keyboards around to help you choose the best one for your viewing needs.

Best Overall: Logitech K600 TV

Logitech K600 TV keyboard

Source: Logitech

The Logitech K600 TV keyboard brings the traditional computer keyboard to the big screen. The standard size keys, a generously sized trackpad and the familiar function keys placed at the top make this the final keyboard for those looking for the best typing experience. In addition to the standard keyboard layout, Logitech has added a directional keyboard and conveniently placed mouse keys, allowing two-handed control using only the thumbs. The design of the K600 flat keyboard is perfect for typing on the back.

Complete the feature set is an impressive operating range of 49 meters and a battery life of 12 months using only 2 AAA batteries. Best of all, the K600TV can also double as a keyboard for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.


  • Dedicated media keys
  • Laptop as a trackpad
  • Battery life of 12 months


  • Big size
  • There is no backlight
  • Limited compatibility

Best Overall

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Logitech K600 TV

Classic keyboard, modern TV

The Logitech K600 keyboard offers the best browsing and typing experience, with keys and traditional looks.

Best value: Rii i28 mini wireless keyboard

Rii I28 Mini Keyboard

Source: Amazon

Rii's I28 is a smart keyboard in terms of costs, which does not let itself out of operation. This compact keyboard has 70 backlit keys and a trackpad with natural scrolling function.

Also included is a built-in rechargeable battery that asks if you have batteries of the right size available. This keyboard is also compact and easy to use with one or two hands.


  • Low price
  • Backlit keys
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Trackpad size
  • Trackpad location
  • mini-USB

Best Price

1595262698 965 The best Smart TV keyboards of 2020

Rii i28 Mini wireless keyboard

Low price, great features

Rii i28 brings all the best of what offers smart TV keyboards with trackpad and abundant keys at an affordable price.

Best compatibility: iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini

Ipazzport Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Source: iPazzPort

The iPPPort KP-810-61BT is one of the few smart TV keyboards on the market with integrated IR learning. This feature allows you to program this keyboard with essential functions such as power and volume, eliminating the need to have the old remote control.

This keyboard also includes a customizable RGB background, which makes it much easier to find in the dark. A large, built-in rechargeable battery can keep this keyboard powered for months on a single charge.


  • IR learning
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Customizable background


  • Design
  • scheme
  • Trackpad size

The best compatibility

1595262700 115 The best Smart TV keyboards of 2020

iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini

Intelligent control

iPazzPort Mini includes IR learning, allowing it to replace the TV remote control. Eight attributable keys are perfect for covering everyone.

Best appearance: Fosmon Mini wireless keyboard

Fosmon Mini wireless keyboard

Source: Fosmon

The Fosmon Mini wireless keyboard focuses on typing and navigating with the carefully placed trackpad and mouse keys. Perfectly located close to the edge, the trackpad will navigate you while you're on a laptop.

Fosmon Mini is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to hold for long periods of time. Media keys positioned near the top of the keyboard bring standard features such as fast forward and rewind to the foreground.


  • scheme
  • Compact size
  • rear lighting


  • Battery life
  • Aesthetics
  • No IR learning

The best aspect

1595262702 869 The best Smart TV keyboards of 2020

Fosmon Mini wireless keyboard


Fosmon Mini has one of the best models with touchpads and paddles that allow you to drag and click with your thumbs.

Rii i4 Mini Keyboard

Source: Rii

Rii's I4 Mini is a keyboard that can also function as a game controller. A conveniently placed control board and shoulder button can come in handy if they are stuck for better control without a controller.

A large trackpad is located directly in the center of the i4 Mini, which supports scrolling, and single and double clicks. Dedicated media keys allow for quick volume adjustment and easy navigation.


  • Location of the cursor key
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Shoulder buttons


  • No IR learning
  • Cursor size
  • Small space bar

Best for games

1595262703 990 The best Smart TV keyboards of 2020

Rii i4 Multimedia Mini

Game on

Iii Rii has a game controller-like approach to the TV experience with shoulder buttons and perfectly positioned cursor keys.

Best design: iPazzPort KP-810-30BR

iPazzPort KP-810-30BR

Source: iPazzPort

IPazzPort KP-810-30BR takes the form of a traditional remote control and does it with style. This keyboard has a clean, modern, black and silver design, light and compact, perfect for typing with one hand.

For those with a Fire TV in the house, an included silicone sleeve can attach this keyboard directly to the remote control, always making it ready to use. In addition, the KP-810-30BR includes backlit keys that make typing in the dark a breeze.


  • Compact design
  • Fire TV sleeve included
  • rear lighting


  • No volume keys
  • No trackpad
  • No cursor keys

The best design

1595262705 58 The best Smart TV keyboards of 2020

iPazzPort KP-810-30BR

Clean and compact

The KP-810 has a modern, clean design with backlit keys. An included sleeve can attach it directly to a Fire TV remote control.

Enter it

Smart TV keyboards offer much more than just the ability to enter search queries. Quick access to specialized functions, natural scrolling through lists or applications and much more take your viewing habits to the modern era of television.

If you're in the market for the best typing and browsing experience, then the Logitech K600 TV keyboard is for you. This traditional-style keyboard provides familiarity with appearance and size, but does so with added touches that are adjusted for the living room, such as an easy-to-use directional board and dedicated media keys. The best-in-class range and 12-month battery life make this keyboard worth the price of admission.

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