The best smart water leak detectors of 2020

Cupertino, June 16, 2020

Fibaro flood sensor submerged in water

Source: Fibaro

The best
Intelligent water leak detectors

Smart water leaks are an essential tool when it comes to home safety. The Fibaro flood sensor is a completely wireless option that allows it to be placed below or near potential water leaks and can instantly notify you via HomeKit if a leak is detected. We've put together the best smart water leak detectors to help you decide what's right for your needs.

Best overall: Fibaro flood sensor

Fibaro flood sensor for HomeKit, next to a bathtub

Source: Fibaro

The Fibaro flood sensor is a compact, battery-powered solution designed to keep you informed of any leaks in your home. The wireless design means you can place it almost anywhere, making it a perfect choice for adding monitoring where a plow is not available. Simply pair the flood sensor with the HomeKit with its built-in Bluetooth capabilities and set it up under a sink, next to a water heater or anywhere else that has the potential to cause a leak.

The Fibaro flood sensor also supports external cables that allow it to reach behind places where the sensor may not fit. Additional features for the flood sensor include temperature monitoring, which is added as a separate device in the HomeKit, and both leak detection and temperature can be integrated with other HomeKit devices. This allows a lot of automation options, such as turning on smart lights in case a leak is detected.

Those looking for an easy-to-configure option that allows them to set and forget that they can look no further than the Fibaro flood sensor. While it may not be the most used smart device in your home, it can be one of the most important if the worst-case scenarios happen. Instant notifications on your iOS devices will allow you to stay on top of any issues that may arise and hopefully prevent you from becoming a much bigger issue.


  • Wireless design
  • It can be extended with optional cables
  • It also includes a temperature sensor


  • Expensive
  • Works only with HomeKit
  • Bluetooth connectivity limits placement

Best Overall

1592323475 770 The best smart water leak detectors of 2020

Fibaro flood sensor

Portable protection

The Fibaro flood sensor is a wireless solution and a solution to forget. Simply pair it with HomeKit to start receiving alerts

Best value: Samsung SmartThings drain sensor

Samsung SmartThings drain sensor

Source: Samsung

The Samsung SmartThings water drain sensor is an excellent value for those looking for basic water leak detection and already happen to have a SmartThings system in their home. Samsung's small drain sensor can be placed near any potential leak source and runs on a single CR2 battery, making it completely wireless.

The SmartThings drain sensor sends notifications to your phone in case of an emergency and can even work with other SmartThings devices in your home. If a leak is detected, it can not only sound an alarm, but can also stop anything. electrical devices in the area, which can prevent further damage.


  • Low price
  • Works with other SmartThings accessories
  • Compact design


  • Requires SmartThings hub
  • Cannot be extended with cables
  • Short operating interval

Best Price

1592323477 508 The best smart water leak detectors of 2020

Samsung SmartThings drain sensor


The Samsung sensor is an affordable option for those who already have a SmartThings hub. In addition, it also reports room temperatures.

Best security: flood sensor and freezing alarm bells

Flood sensor and frost on the tile floor

Source: Amazon

Smart home security experts, Ring, offer a compact and stylish wireless leak detection sensor. The ring and freeze sensor with ring alarm is a battery-powered solution that allows it to be placed almost anywhere in the house. In addition, the 3-year battery life means it will run in the background for years to come.

The ring sensor communicates via Z-Wave to the audible alarm system and can be placed up to 250 meters away, ensuring that it will work in other areas of your home. In addition to detecting leaks, a built-in temperature sensor can determine if the area is too cold, which could cause water lines to freeze and explode.


  • Completely wireless
  • Battery life of three years
  • Strong wireless signal


  • Requires a ring alarm system
  • It does not work with the professional monitoring service
  • It cannot be extended

The best security

1592323479 102 The best smart water leak detectors of 2020

Flood and freeze alarm sensor ringer

Sure and safe

This Ring sensor sends phone alerts and alarms if a leak occurs. The long battery life will protect the home for years.

Best coverage: iHome dual Wi-Fi drain sensor

iHome Dual drain sensor under a drain pipe

Source: iHome

The iHome Dual Wi-Fi Drain Sensor offers two forms of leak detection in a small wireless unit. The base of the iHome sensor has water detection contacts, and a six-meter lead attached can also determine if a leak has occurred. This allows the dual leak sensor to cover multiple areas with a single device.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows the dual leak sensor to work wherever a signal is in your home. Best of all, the sensor communicates directly with your Wi-Fi router, without the need for additional hubs or systems.


  • Low price
  • No hub required
  • Flexible placement


  • Does not work with HomeKit
  • Integrates only with other iHome devices
  • No built-in alarm

The best coverage

1592323481 674 The best smart water leak detectors of 2020

iHome Dual Wi-Fi Drain Sensor

Double cover

The dual leak sensor from iHome detects leaks at the base and through a lead. Wi-Fi connects it to your network without a separate hub.

Best monitoring: Intelligent home water monitoring system

Flume smart home water monitoring system application on a smartphone

Source: Flume

The Flume smart home water monitoring system is designed to keep you up to date with the use of water and flow in your home. A small, compact unit is attached directly to the water meter by a included strap and requires no installation tools. . The water sensor is powered by batteries and works up to 1,000 meters from a separate bridge that you connect.

Once installed, the flue monitoring system will be on the lookout 24/7 for potential leaks and will alert you instantly if there is a problem. Because the Flume device attaches directly to your water meter, you don't have to worry about placement, as it measures the flow of water to determine if leaks occur.


  • Install without tools
  • Monitors usage trends
  • Extremely long signal range


  • Expensive
  • Provides monitoring only
  • Not compatible with all meters

The best monitoring

The best smart water leak detectors of 2020

Intelligent home water monitoring system

Pay attention to things

The Flume system keeps the water supply tabs for the whole house. Notifications are sent instantly if leaks are found.

The best prevention: the Moen Flo leak detection system

Flo by Moen water leak detection system

Source: Moen

The Flo de Moen leak detection system is a complete solution for the entire home. Attached directly to the main water line inside your home, Flo can cause the least leakage through Micro Leak technology. It also provides usage and trend reports, which can help identify ways to conserve water and reduce the utility bill.

Unlike other leak detectors, the Moen system can turn off the main water supply to prevent damage if it finds a leak. While professional installation is recommended, this skill alone can be worth the high price if it can prevent a flood from happening in your home.


  • Instant alerts and daily testing
  • Provides monitoring and usage trends
  • Turn off the water supply if the problem is detected


  • Expensive
  • Does not support HomeKit
  • Professional installation recommended

The best prevention

1592323485 349 The best smart water leak detectors of 2020

Moen Flo Leak Detection System

Monitoring and prevention

Moen's leak detection system monitors every water line in your home and will turn off the main power if leaks are detected.

Stop the leaks

Smart water leak detectors are a great way to add a little peace of mind to your home. Usually operating in silence, leak detectors come to life at the crucial moment when the first signs of water are found. Completely wireless options can be placed almost anywhere in the house and entire home monitoring solutions can be installed, which can shut off all the water in your home if anomalies are detected.

The Fibaro flood sensor is a solid choice for those looking for a solution that is easy to configure, set and forget. Powerful automations can be created to turn on the lights in your home or to sound an alarm if a leak is detected due to HomeKit integration. The Fibaro sensor also acts as a temperature sensor, and a built-in fake alarm will let you know if it happens to be moved from its position once set.

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