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The Bosch Smart Home update adds support for the Apple HomeKit

Bosch Smart Home HomeKit integration

Bosch has announced that it has started launching an update to its Smart Home line that adds support for Apple’s HomeKit. The update, which will be available to everyone until August 13, comes around seven months after the company initially announced that HomeKit was in the works back at CES 2020.

The time has come: this summer, two big names in the smart home industry are joining forces to create the perfect user experience. By integrating Bosch Smart Home into the Apple HomeKit, Bosch Smart Home also offers Apple users more control options and convenient features for their smart home. Starting today, integration with the Apple HomeKit will allow all Apple users, starting August 13, to control their existing Bosch Smart Home components from the Apple Home app, combine them with other HomeKit-enabled accessories, and thus grow optimally their smart home.

The latest update will bring a total of nine HomeKit accessories. In addition to smart home staples, such as smart plugs and door sensors, Bosch-compatible HomeKit accessories include roller shutter controls, smoke detectors, and radiator thermostats. Bosch also intends to automatically add HomeKit to other accessories throughout the year.

The following Bosch Smart Home devices can be controlled via Apple HomeKit: Smart Home Controller, Smart Plug, Radiator Thermostat, Door / Window Contact, Shutter Control, Light Control, Motion Detector, Twinguard, Smoke Detector

Once added to the HomeKit, Bosch Smart Home accessories will be available for voice control via Siri on the HomePod and the Home app for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Bosch accessories added to the Home app will also work with other HomeKit compatible devices in scenes and automation.

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The HomeKit update will come in firmware version 9,18,1628-14284 / 5 for the Bosch Smart Home Controller, which acts as a hub for all the company’s accessories. An update to the Bosch Smart Home iOS app will also be available starting August 6th.

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