The Complete Handbook for Revamping Your Gaming Setup

Cupertino, September 10, 2023

It's undeniable how nice smart gaming lights are to complete a gaming setup. For most gamers, their setup is like a second home in their home, and what's more exciting about that setup than some smart RGB lights?

When it comes to lighting, gamers need the best of the best in smart lighting for our gaming station. Since it's our job to do the dirty work and keep your hands clean after you've scoured the deep and darkest corners of the internet in search of dazzling smart lights, here's a tested list of top-tier smart gaming lights to add that finishing touch to your gaming rig. Whether you're looking to add to an already assembled screen or are building your very first gaming setup, we've got what you need.

Price: 279.99
Nanoleaf does it again with their Limited Edition Ultra Black Triangles Smarter Kit, a 9-panel package with sleek, ultra-black triangular panels. Nanoleaf took the Rolling Stones' song, Paint it Black, to heart and gave their smart lights a complete 360-degree ultra-black makeover. Go gothic with the matching all-black double-sided mounting tape and power supply accessories. Design custom scenes for specific moods and coordinate them with your setup using an endless amount of ways to put them together. The Nanoleaf Triangles Black are compatible with everything from Apple Home to Razer Synapse, giving you a ton of control options. Add this to your gaming rig for just $279.99.

Price: 129.99
Nanoleaf Mini Triangles are a great addition to any gaming cave and some of the most unique Smart Lights you can buy. Use them to take your already assembled Nanoleaf light displays to the next level or easily create new mini designs. The ultra-thin panels can be assembled as desired, offering countless design possibilities. Mix and match shapes to create the perfect statement or accent display, with more than 16 million colors to choose from. The Nanoleaf Mini Triangles are super easy to assemble and already come with mounting tape, so no tools are required; just stick them to the wall. Easily control the Nanoleaf Mini Triangles from your computer or mobile device via the Nanoleaf app. The Nanoleaf Mini Triangles are a great addition to any gaming setup and come with endless customization and design options for just $129.99.

Price: $199.99
Nanoleaf Lines is a versatile smart lighting solution designed to enhance indoor ambiance with its dynamic lighting effects. These ultra-bright LED light bars feature dual-color zones and can display more than 16 million RGB colors. They can be mounted on walls or ceilings and switched from soothing scenes to intense nightclub vibes with a button or voice commands. Nanoleaf Lines have backlighting, with each line emitting 20 lumens, making them ideal for mood lighting. They come preloaded with 19 scenes and offer smooth transitions between colors and patterns. Unique features like screen mirroring add to the appeal, especially for setups behind gaming monitors or TVs. The Lines are compatible with smart home devices and can be controlled via voice commands through platforms such as Apple's HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Despite being feature-rich, they are not suitable for task lighting due to their limited brightness. The modular design allows users to connect up to 18 lines per power supply, making them a cost-effective option for covering large areas.

Price: $299.99
The Nanoleaf Elements is a line of smart lighting panels designed to mimic natural elements such as wood and stone and provide an organic aesthetic to your living space. These hexagonal panels have a 'wood look' veneer and feature corners that light up independently, adding a unique touch to your lighting. Controlled via Nanoleaf's companion app or voice commands via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, these panels offer customizable lighting effects, although they only glow in white light. The app allows for complicated controls, including touch gestures for gameplay and even controlling other HomeKit-enabled devices. Easily integrated into a smart home ecosystem, Nanoleaf Elements brings a harmonious blend of technology and nature to your home.

Price: 224.99
Have you ever wanted your gaming setup to match what you play down to the second? With the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit, you can do just that and create the ideal gaming atmosphere for each of your favorite games. When connected to your setup, the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box can recognize in-game actions and reflect them in your lighting. Or you can get creative with DIY mode to design effects unique to your play space. The AI effects are currently compatible with Apex Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, and League of Legends, with more games to be added soon. The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit normally retails for $299.99, but if you act quickly, it's now on sale for $224.99.

Price: $59.99
No list of smart gaming lights would be complete without the Govee Strip Light M1, a $59.99 smart light strip with vibrant colors and easy setup. This 2.5-meter long light strip is compatible with the Govee app and stands out for its unparalleled brightness and adjustable length. Unlike most competitors, the M1 is Matter compatible, allowing seamless integration with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and other Matter platforms. Not only can you combine the Govee Strip Light M1 with almost anything, you can also place it anywhere, dress up dressers and desks, hang it in the kitchen, and do whatever you want! After you have hung the lamps where you want, use the accompanying app to control them. Create the ideal space for gaming almost anywhere with the Govee Strip Light M1. With 60 LED beads per meter, the brightness is hard to beat. The strip cannot be cut, but offers an $18 extension kit for customization. With ten individually controllable segments per meter, it offers versatile mood lighting, suitable for any room.

Price: $79.99
Govee's Curtain Lights are a versatile, high-quality addition to any indoor space, priced at $130. Designed for easy installation, the package includes the power supply, hanging materials, and an installation guide with three method options to fulfill. The lights offer robust lighting capabilities with a 6-foot, 520-pixel display that uses RGBIC LEDs. Thanks to this technology, the lamps can display multiple colors at the same time, even making moving images and effects possible. In combination with the user-friendly Govee Home app, you can control the lights via Bluetooth and even connect them to Alexa or Google Assistant. Ideal for creating ambiance and adding decorative lighting, the curtain lights come with different functions and scenes to suit any mood.

Price: 385.00
Twinkly's Twinkly Squares can turn any gaming setup into a gaming house. Combine up to 15 LED Twinkly Square panels and sync them with the Twinkly app to create anything you can imagine. Create gifs, pixel art, and sync designs with music; the only limit is your imagination. If you don't have a creative eye, don't worry; the Twinkly app comes with preset designs and effects. You can also just leave it to the colors to determine the atmosphere, as there are more than 16 million colors to choose from. Adjust the lighting to your mood or the game you are playing with the app. Twinkly Squares are the perfect $385.00 accent piece for your gaming setup.

Price: $99.99
Twinkly Dots is an advanced, customizable smart lighting solution designed to add vibrancy and ambiance to your gaming space. These lights are available in three sizes (60, 200, and 400 RGB LED Dots) and are priced from €49.99 to €174.99. They come with special power supplies for larger models. With an extremely flexible string of small point-shaped LEDs, Twinkly Dots offer unparalleled ease of installation. They integrate seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and the Razer Synapse app, enhancing your gaming experience with dynamic lighting effects. The accompanying app allows full customization and offers a wide spectrum of colors and effects. Whether you are a casual user or a custom enthusiast, Twinkly Dots offers a high-quality, dynamic lighting solution.

Price: $199.99
Twinkly Festoons are the perfect lighting solution to enhance the ambiance of outdoor spaces such as backyards and balconies. These lamps consist of a string of 20 to 40 LED lamps and offer dimmable warm white or colored lighting. They are built for durability and have an IP65 rating, making them weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use. Twinkly Festoons can be controlled via the Twinkly app, allowing you to create custom lighting displays and effects. With the app, you can adjust the colors, brightness, and effects according to your preferences. Add a touch of magic to your outdoor gaming sessions or gatherings with the Twinkly Festoons.

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