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The eufy Indoor Cam 2K update adds support for HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video

Eufy Indoor Cameras

Anker’s Eufy Security has released an update to its 2K indoor camera line that adds support for HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video. The announcement, which was made through a post on the eufy Security community forums, comes about a month after the initial launch of affordable indoor cameras, which were initially marketed as having support during a pre-order campaign.

Hey, Indoor Cam user, the wait is over, HomeKit compatibility is now coming to Indoor Camera! Thank you for your continued patience.

The line of interior cameras consists of two cameras, Indoor Cam 2K, which features a traditional stationary design, and Indoor Cam Pan 2K, which adds motorized controls. Both rooms include standard smart features such as two-way audio, infrared night vision and home viewing and remote controls. Each camera also supports local storage via micro-SD and, as the name suggests, 2K high-definition video resolution.

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To enable HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video, indoor camera owners will need to use the eufy Security application and perform a firmware update:

  • Update the firmware to v. or later. (Check it in the device settings> device information> System version)
  • Update all your iOS devices to the latest version. (include iPhone, iPad, iPod, all devices you want to access the Indoor camera)
  • When you open HomeKit, users need to add the device to the eufy Security app and then complete the activation process.

The eufy update brings cameras to the iOS Home app for the first time, allowing them to be viewed on demand and shared with others. HomeKit Secure Video support is added in 10 days of cloud storage, which uses an existing paid iCloud plan and a local image analysis that can help filter out inconvenient notifications. Additional features that will come in iOS 14 later this year will add face recognition and activity areas.

The Eufy Indoor Cam 2K is now available for $ 39.99 directly from eufy and through Amazon. The Indoor Cam Pan 2K is available for just $ 10 extra, with a retail price of $ 49.99. To find out more about each of these rooms, be sure to check out our recent reviews, which cover both the 2K Indoor Room and the 2 Cam Indoor Room.