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The Eve for HomeKit app update adds Touch and Hold context menus and more

The Eve for HomeKit app update adds Touch and Hold context menus and more

Eve has released an update to the Eve app for HomeKit on iOS that brings new Touch & Hold context menus and quick access to automation. Version 4.3 of the app, which is available today, is already popular with HomeKit power users for its ability to create automations and manage accessory features that are not possible through the Apple Home app.

With Eve 4.3, tap and hold almost anywhere to unlock the power of context menus for strong productivity growth:
In short: quickly control an accessory, set a scene it belongs to, and view all accessory details.
Room overview: instantly switch all the lights in a room and refine your room settings in an instant.
Details and types of accessories: the jump back and forth between the details of individual accessories and the overview by Types has never been easier.
Automation: quickly switch rules and set Scenes.

The updated Eve app also includes a faster way to track and manage automations. From the detailed view of an accessory, a new automation menu is now available that will display all the rules and scenes in which it participates.

Eve 4.3 introduces a new way of viewing and managing them: directly in viewing the accessory details. At the bottom of the details of each accessory, you will find a new “Automation” entry that lists all the rules and scenes that this accessory is part of. Users can touch and hold new records, giving you a quick way to switch rules and set Scenes.

Other new features include support for the company’s recently released Windows Window Guard, improvements to the soon-to-be-delivered Eve Cam, custom home colors, and new accessory icons.

Eve’s HomeKit app and the latest update are available for free today in the AppStore.