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The Eve for HomeKit update adds a new overview of the camera and the Eve Cam upgrade

The Eve for HomeKit update adds a new overview of the camera and the Eve Cam upgrade

Eve has released a new update to the Eve app for HomeKit that adds an easy way to view HomeKit-enabled cameras in the home. Version 4.5 of the Eve application for HomeKit now includes a new one My rooms tiles available in At a glance tab that places the live view of Eve Cam, along with other HomeKit cameras, together in a single view.

The latest version of the Eve app is now available in the App Store and brings brand new features for everyone who has embraced Eve Cam and other cameras with HomeKit. Eve 4.5’s “My Rooms” puts the cameras in front of you and your center with a full-screen overview with live video simultaneously from all of your HomeKit-enabled cameras.

Creating the new view requires only one tap in the app and once in My rooms view, a full screen view for a single room is another accessory. To make accessing the new view even easier, Eve also included a Siri shortcut in the version. The new shortcut gives users the ability to use expressions such as “Show my rooms” convene on-demand viewing, which works for both iPhone and iPad versions of the app.

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In addition to the new overview, Eve also released a firmware update to Eve Cam, which adds the ability to browse the camera orientation. This feature opens the door to Eve Cam mounting from top to bottom, and when combined with the camera’s magnetic base with angle adjustment, adds even more flexibility.

Eve Cam settings now offer a new option to browse the camera image. With the magnetic base of the Eve Cam that attaches to all kinds of elements in your home, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities to mount Eve Cam in the perfect location. To access this new setting, Eve Cam requires at least firmware version 1.0.3, which was also released as a free update and includes many other general improvements.

The update and app Eve for HomeKit 4.5 are now available as a free download in the App Store. Further details on the update can be found on the Eve Blog at