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The EZVIZ C3X color-visible security camera is now available

Ezviz C3x Dual Lens Smart Security Camera Outdoors

The EZVIZ C3X color-visible security camera is now available

Ezviz C3x Dual Lens Smart Security Camera Outdoors

The smart home security company, EZVIZ, has announced that the latest visible night color camera is now available at some online retailers. The C3X Color Night Vision security camera uses a unique dual lens design, along with dual infrared lights that allow it to capture color images in the dark without the spotlight.

Using the dual-2 MP camera configuration, vivid color images are taken using two lenses – one lens records ambient brightness and the other captures color information. The two images are then combined using EZVIZ’s own algorithm to create an image rich in detail and realistic color.

The C3X is equipped with a degree of weather resistance IP67, which allows it to withstand typical outdoor environments throughout the year. Although it requires a wired connection for power, the camera connects directly to internal wireless networks via Wi-Fi, enabling smart notifications and integration with Alexa Amazon.

In testing, EZVIZ claims that the C3X camera can produce a color image in dark environments with lighting up to 0.005 lux. In extremely dark areas, the default room is a more traditional black and white view, so owners will always have a way to keep tabs on their surroundings.

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In addition to night vision of colors, the C3X includes AI analysis of the image, which can filter notifications of nature, such as animals, as well as areas of activity. Both features are available for free without a subscription, and the camera can also use local video storage via an on-board micro-SD card slot that supports up to 256 GB cards.

Other important features include 1080p HD video resolution, two-way audio and the ability to connect to the EZVIZ NVR. For added security, the camera also includes a built-in siren, flashing strobe light and even the ability to play pre-recorded messages when motion is detected.

The EZVIZ C3X Dual-Lens Color Vision Night Night Security Camera is available for purchase now at and Amazon for $ 149.99. Additional information about the C3X camera can be found on the EZVIZ website and stay tuned, as we will have a full review soon.

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