The future eufy Security Smart Drop lock box keeps packages safe

Cupertino, August 25, 2020

eufy Security has unveiled its latest smart home security accessory, designed to combat porch pirates, the Smart Drop lock box. Smart Drop, which launches on Kickstarter later today, combines a smart camera, smart lock and mailbox, in a wireless solution that ensures deliveries inside a high-capacity room.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the eufy Security Smart Drop, the perfect combination of a durable mailbox, a smart lock and a security camera. Features a built-in camera with facial / motion detectors and voice assistant compatibility.

The Smart Drop lock box has a large capacity of 68L, with internal measurements of 23 "x 14.4" x 12.6 ", which states that eufy covers 98% of most residential packages. Smart Drop is made of cold rolled steel with reinforced bars and for additional security, can be mounted directly on the walls or floor at the point of installation, if desired.

As it is designed for the outdoors, the eufy box offers a degree of weather resistance IP65 for the room, together with an internal drainage system. The camera offers 1080p HD resolution with a 160-degree field of view and includes security staples such as night vision, two-way audio, PIR motion detection and A.I. facial detection.

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The lock box is completely wireless, as it is powered by a removable, rechargeable battery that can last up to three months on a single charge. Smart features are enabled via a built-in Wi-Fi radio, which allows it to connect to the eufy Security app on iOS and Android, as well as Alexa, and Google Assistant for convenient voice controls, but unfortunately doesn't support Apple HomeKit application.

With several ways to open the box, such as a pin code and a remote opening via the eufy app, it's easy to use for delivery owners and workers alike. The box is made of cold rolled carbon steel and is designed to thrive in any weather conditions. With a capacity of 68L, it is large enough for common deliveries and packages.

To ensure that deliveries are indeed placed inside, Smart Drop includes voice guidance with lights and an instructional sticker. Once the packages are entered, Smart Drop protects them by requiring a pin code or application controls to reopen. During delivery, the on-board camera and motion sensors will provide a notification and record the event either locally, when associated with the company's HomeBase hub, or in the cloud.

For those interested, eufy Security is launching a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter, today, with promises starting at $ 199. eufy Security estimates that the product will be delivered to sponsors in the third quarter of 2021, but, as with all crowdfunding campaigns, employment assistance does not guarantee that the product will actually hit the market and unforeseen challenges may cause delays in production. Although eufy Security is a well-known brand, associated with the popular accessory manufacturer Anker, these risks still apply.

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