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The HomeKit-enabled Smart Meross Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is now available

The HomeKit-enabled Smart Meross Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is now available

As with previous HomeKit-compatible releases in recent months, Meross seems to have quietly launched its smart garage door opener today on Amazon. The latest Meross accessory connects to existing garage door openers, giving owners access to quick and easy status checks, notifications and convenient controls via the Home and Siri app.

Remote control: You can turn on / off the garage door from anywhere via the Internet via the Meross application. To allow your family, guests or couriers to enter through the garage door while you cook or not at home. No monthly fee or any other subscription fee!

Voice control: You can control the devices hands-free, just give voice commands to turn on / off the connected devices. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Smart Wi-Fi garage door opener is compatible with most brands, and Meross offers both a color guide for the learning button and a compatibility list, although the list can be consulted before purchase. In some cases, an additional accessory may be required for operation, which Meross lists as available through the customer support team.

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The installation of the Meross Smart Wi-Fi garage door opener is similar to other HomeKit smart garage solutions, with a two-piece design. A small Wi-Fi control module connects directly to the opener to send opening and closing commands, while a magnetic door sensor transmits the status of the control module. Unlike other smart garage door controllers, the Meross garage door opener door sensor is not wireless, which requires cable management, but it does not require batteries.

Once installed, the Smart Wi-Fi garage door opener can be configured and managed either through the Meross app or via the HomeKit without a subscription. Meross announces that owners can configure the opener entirely through the Home app on iOS, if desired, bypassing the need for an account. With HomeKit, owners can access one-touch controls, receive activity notifications, automation, and check door status. In addition to HomeKit, the opener is compatible with Android, Alexa Amazon and Google Assistant.

The Smart Meross Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is currently listed at a retail price of $ 49.99 on Amazon. Like previous versions of Meross, the company seems to be running a promotion for the accessory, which gets an additional $ 5 off the purchase price by applying a coupon directly to the Amazon page.

Open and close

The HomeKit-enabled Smart Meross Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is now available

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Hey Siri, close the garage door!

Meross’s latest HomeKit compatible accessory adds smart comfort to a wide variety of existing garage door openers. Smart notifications, quick status checks, and one-touch commands will never leave you wondering if you left the door open again.