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The latest smart lock level enabled at HomeKit includes touch controls and NFC

The latest smart lock level enabled at HomeKit includes touch controls and NFC

The level removed the latest HomeKit-enabled smart lock today, Level Touch. The latest lock continues to focus the company on a minimal design and, while not completely invisible like its predecessor, includes a sleek new way to lock the exit door with a simple touch.

“Level Touch introduces a new generation of locks and connected home,” said John Martin, co-founder and CEO of Level. “So far, smart home products have traded design for functionality and features, creating an imbalance in the natural tension between design and technology. We end this compromise with Level Touch, where the exterior is as strong, beautiful and precise as the interior. Touch was created for people who want to make their home a home that values ​​design and technology equally. “

The Touch level achieves a more traditional smart lock approach that requires the replacement of existing door hardware during installation. Because the latest level is really visible this time, the new lock comes in four finishes that allow it to match the existing decor: chrome satin, satin nickel, polished brass and matte black. The Touch level is made of stainless steel and has a gearbox that allows smooth operation in the “most difficult conditions” depending on the level.

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The Touch level is powered by a single replaceable CR2 battery, which is rated for up to one year of use. As with the original level lock, the battery is locked inside the lock itself and does not require any tools to access. Also taken from the lock is an integrated Bluetooth radio for wireless connectivity, which allows it to unlock based on proximity.

Stop typing keys or pressing buttons. The Touch level is connected via Bluetooth, so your door automatically unlocks when you enter the home boundary. The lock is as fast as the touch of a finger on the lock or will lock automatically after a preselected time. NFC-enabled discrete key cards are available to lock and unlock your home if you’re not on the phone.

In addition to Bluetooth, Level Touch also includes an integrated NFC radio, which allows the lock to work completely without a phone. An NFC-enabled keyboard is included with the lock, which requires only one push to access and eliminates the need to remember a dedicated pin code.

Smart features include the ability to integrate the lock into the Apple HomeKit, which gives users the ability to use the lock in scenes, check the status with Siri, or change the lock status with a tap. Level Touch also works with the Level app, which adds additional ways to share your lock with friends and family and provides real-time notifications.

The Touch level is available for order now in selected finishes for $ 329. Additional lock information can be found at